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Since 1992 when we started capturing and sharing stories and dreams from across Atlantic Canada, our focus has been on building a stronger, more vibrant and connected community of car and truck enthusiasts. We are proud of our work and love all the readers, advertisers, and partners we have met over the last three decades. Each issue reaches thousands of people and companies. Our social media continues to grow. 

Last issue our feature article looked at cyber security, something we certainly were not concerned with in those early years. Imagine how your work and personal life would look today if we did not have the internet? If you do not already follow us on social media, we encourage you to follow and like us today (see links at end of story):   there is lots of material shared online that’s not in the publication.

Over the years we have grown our reach with your support. Your stories, events, tips, and hard work have connected us around what we have in common, what we love. Our cars and trucks have also benefitted more than words can say. The roads of Atlantic Canada look different than they did in the 1990s and we are all safer; you played a role in increasing that safety.

Going forward we want to capture how our community is getting involved around Atlantic Canada. Send us a note about your auto show, races, fundraiser support or events. If it is an event let us know several months in advance so we can try to come cover it live. Pictures! We love pictures too. We want to capture the way you are helping make our communities a better place to live and work. We want to tell your stories here and on social media. Can’t wait to hear from you!

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