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Electric Avenue: Electrify Canada and Lucid Motors Announce Two Years of Complimentary Ultra-Fast Charging

Lucid Air equipped with Plug&Charge technology to make charging with Electrify Canada even easier

Electrify Canada announced March 24 an agreement with Lucid Motors to offer complimentary ultra-fast electric vehicle charging to Canadian drivers who reserve a Lucid Air by June 30, 2022. Owners of the luxurious all-electric sedan will receive two years of complimentary charging across the Electrify Canada public charging network.

With ultra-fast power levels of 350kW, Lucid Air drivers will benefit from the fastest charging speeds available today and allow the Lucid Air to add 350km-range in about 15 minutes. The innovative Plug&Charge payment system available across the Electrify Canada network, allows Lucid Air drivers to initiative and access complimentary charging by simply plugging in their vehicle.

“We are excited to work with Electrify Canada given the quality and reliability of its charging network and plans to expand across Canada,” said Zak Edson, vice president, sales and service at Lucid. “By combining our groundbreaking battery technology with Electrify Canada’s ultra-fast charging speeds, we will provide our customers with a premium electric driving experience.”

Customers will be able to access complimentary charging through the Lucid app, utilizing Electrify Canada’s network of 30 stations comprised of 120 individual chargers. By 2026, Electrify Canada plans to expand to more than 100 charging stations with over 500 individual chargers. Equipped with overhead canopies providing shelter and light, chargers are conveniently located along major highways with access to amenities like shopping and restaurants. Additionally, customers will be supported by Electrify Canada’s 24-hour Customer Contact Center.

“As Electrify Canada continues to expand its network across Canada, we are proud to collaborate with Lucid Motors to provide a seamless charging experience to Lucid Air drivers,” said Rob Barrosa, senior director of sales, business development & marketing at Electrify Canada. “We are excited to deliver ultra-fast charging speeds and innovative technologies like Plug&Charge to enhance the charging experience for capable vehicles like Lucid Air.”

To learn more about Electrify Canada, locate a charging station or view upcoming locations, visit Electrify-Canada.ca

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