Labrador Bridges Named in Honour of Innu Leaders

The Honourable Dwight Ball, Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador, announced July 30 that four bridges in Labrador will be named to commemorate four leaders of the Innu Nation.

The four bridges are located on the Trans-Labrador Highway. The designated bridges and the names are: 

  • Penote Michel Memorial Bridge Manatueu- shipiss (Traverspine tributary), approximately 42 kilometres south of Happy Valley-Goose Bay; 
  • Tanien Ashini Memorial Bridge, Manatueu- shipiss (Traverspine River), approximately 42 kilometres south of Happy Valley-Goose Bay;
  • Kanikuen Penashue Memorial Bridge, Tshenuamius-shipu (Kenamu River), approximately 75 kilometres south of Happy Valley-Goose Bay; and
  • Munik Pone Memorial Bridge, Uapushkakamau- shipu (Pinus River), approximately 80 kilometres west of Happy Valley-Goose Bay. 

Names for the bridges were proposed by Innu Nation and accepted by the Provincial Government. Signs will be installed near each of the bridges to commemorate the lives of the Innu leaders, beginning this week. 

“It gives me great pleasure to join with the Innu Nation in announcing that four bridges on the Trans-Labrador Highway will proudly display the names of four Innu leaders. The people being honoured with this distinction have made significant and long-lasting contributions throughout their lives in the areas of governance, preserving cultures and traditions, and standing proud and tall for the Innu people and the Innu way of life,” said the Honourable Dwight Ball, Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador.


Transportation, infrastructure key issues for rural areas of southern N.B. 

As leaders of the five political parties campaign to be elected Sept. 14, two rural voters in southern New Brunswick are hoping some of their concerns are addressed by the winner.

Denise Miller of the Kingston Peninsula said she can’t speak for everyone in her area, but she believes most are concerned about roads and infrastructure, including bridges and ferries, and the lack of internet and cellphone service.

“The pandemic has really heightened the lack of internet service in that area, when children had to work from home or go to school from home, we had to work from home,” Miller told Information Morning Saint John on Wednesday.

“A lot of us don’t have access to it. This has really highlighted the needs for it in our region.” 

Miller, who served as a member of the local service district advisory committee, said she hopes to see changes to the local governance system and how that serves the people living in rural New Brunswick.

“I wasn’t impressed with the whole layout of it. You’re not even a conduit. I was hoping to help and shed some light on the issues.”


Driver Licence Renewal Now Available Online 

Nova Scotians can now access a new online service to make it easier and faster to renew regular driver, motorcycle and farm tractor licences.

Drivers can use the new service if they: 

  • have a licence that expires on or before Dec. 31 
  • do not have outstanding fines or suspensions 
  • have not recently changed their address online or do not need to change their address 
  • have a regular (Class 5), motorcycle (Class 6) and farm tractor (Class 8) 

An electronic or printed renewal confirmation will be provided so people can continue to drive with their previous licence until their new card arrives in the mail.

“With the impact of COVID-19 on our daily lives, Nova Scotians have been provided different ways to access services while following new public health protocols to help keep themselves and others healthy and safe,” said Service Nova Scotia and Internal Services Minister Patricia Arab. “The new online driver licence renewal service will be faster, easier and more convenient for thousands of people with licences that will expire soon.” 

Driver licences can still be renewed at Access Nova Scotia centres by calling to make an appointment or waiting in line.


Video road tests for Islanders safe and convenientThe Highway Safety Division is using technology to provide safe, contactless driver testing.

During the June 11th sitting of the Legislative Assembly, Transportation, Infrastructure and Energy Minister Steven Myers informed members that the Highway Safety Division will be piloting the use of 360 dashboard cameras and Bluetooth or radio communication devices to allow for contactless driver testing for Class 5 passenger vehicles.

This same technology is currently used for motorcycle road tests, and was piloted for commercial tractor trailers last month. It allows for instructors and participants to keep a safe physical distance.

“Highway Safety plays an integral role in keeping our people and Island roads safe. The past couple of months have given them the opportunity to find flexible and innovative ways to adapt their work and implement safe, contactless services to Islanders,” said Transportation, Infrastructure and Energy Minister Steven Myers

On March 17, passenger road tests were suspended as part of government’s response to the COVID- 19 pandemic. The Highway Safety Division has rescheduled all appointments that were postponed during this time and beginning next week, they will schedule new testing.

Some of the benefits of using dashboard camera testing include: 

  • it is safer for clients and staff because it is contactless; 
  • the person being tested is more comfortable in the vehicle they have been using to practice instead of a test car; 
  • the instructor has a video recording of the test to aid with further instruction and learning; 
  • it provides the opportunity to perform driver testing when the old method is not possible or does not serve every purpose.

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