Women in Carwash Conference: Exceeds Expectations!

The first International Women in Carwash conference was held April 29 through May 1 in beautiful Niagara Falls, Canada. It was a unique event that exceeded expectations and left its’ guests enriched and inspired – so inspired that organizers are planning a second and third edition for 2020.

What a wonderful experience of learning, networking, and growing ideas through meaningful interaction with insightful and informative speakers. The very first conference has already begun to change the culture of the industry to promote greater collaboration across all areas of the business. All of this along with the professionalism on display throughout this event offers a definite value-add for anyone attending. – Amy Cantin from,
Zep Vehicle Care.

The educational, productivity-focused workshops included topics geared towards helping attendees build their businesses and better engage with colleagues, family members, and industry peers. The sessions were focused on stress management, personality profiling, branding, conflict resolution, and negotiation skills and all were delivered in a uniquely congenial setting.

It was much more intimate and personable than other conferences and seminars I have been to. I am used to a large convention-center type event. I liked this conference because I felt like I got to actually meet and talk to almost everyone in attendance. – Emily Gertenbach, Kleen-Rite Corp.

The presenters and the open format as far as conversations and the intimacy of the program were extremely valuable.
– Joanne Gambert, Auto Laundry News

The idea for this ground-breaking conference emerged just one year ago as Brenda Johnstone and Andrew Klukas – co-creators and organizers of the event – shared a meal at a small restaurant in Vancouver, BC. After a few phone conversations and emails with others in the industry it became clear that the time was ripe for the kind of event they were planning. The positive response was simply overwhelming! P.D. McLaren signed up as the title sponsor during the very first conversation, and the rest soon followed.

Women in Carwash #1 offered insight into the new business environment that women in the car washing industry are creating. “We wanted our guests to be inspired, motivated, and energized by the presentations, discussions, networking opportunities and after-hours fun, and to leave with practical tools to strengthen their business” says Johnstone. The feedback received from attendees indicates that they undoubtedly were.


I enjoyed the fact that, though the speakers were obviously experts in their field, they were available at different times during the conference for follow up discussions and questions.

My company paid for me to be at the conference. It would have been well worth spending my own money to attend” – Kevin Thompson, Zips Car Wash

When first organizing the conference, it was asked if participation should be limited to women. The answer was an emphatic “No!” As Johnstone put it, “The fact that this is the first ever Women in Carwash conference is proof that the many women who have built their success in the industry didn’t need any special help to get there, so they certainly don’t need it now.”

In its own unique way, Women in Carwash recognizes and celebrates the best of what is already happening in the industry and further promotes it. “We knew we were on the right track when we found men asking if they are allowed to participate, but Women in Carwash #1 merely tested these waters,” says Klukas. “We now know how we can take things to a whole new level at the next event.” “It was altogether enjoyable. It was fun. It was informative.

In these three ways, it was similar to other conferences, but the difference was the feel that somehow it was also groundbreaking.” – Kevin Thompson, Zips Car Wash

The next conference will delve more deeply into how men and women do business together and to strengthen their ability to thrive and to promote greater productivity in the car washing industry.

Women in Carwash #2 will take place from January 20 – 22, 2020 in Arlington Texas. As they say, everything is bigger in Texas! However, the goal is to continue to deliver the conference in relatively intimate, smaller group settings. Additional conferences and venues may be added and, if so, early registrants will be able to transfer their registrations to alternative Women in Carwash events.

Registration will open soon. Be among the first to join Women in Carwash #2 by visiting www.womenincarwash.com and registering early.

“It was my distinct pleasure to be a guest speaker at the Women in Carwash conference held in Niagara Falls on April 30 through May 1, 2019 and I found this event to be first class all the way. From the amazing organizational skills and attention to detail displayed by the organizers, to the venue, to the quality of the presentations. I can’t say enough about the way this was organized and executed and I would jump at the chance to be involved in any future events put on by this group. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of it.” – Gary McDougall, Presenter

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