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Labrador Bridges Named in Honour of Innu Leaders

The Honourable Dwight Ball, Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador, on July 30 announced that four bridges in Labrador will be named to commemorate four leaders of the Innu Nation.

The four bridges are located on the Trans-Labrador Highway. The designated bridges and the names are:

  • Penote Michel Memorial Bridge Manatueu-shipiss (Traverspine tributary), approximately 42 kilometres south of Happy Valley-Goose Bay;
  • Tanien Ashini Memorial Bridge, Manatueu-shipiss (Traverspine River), approximately 42 kilometres south of Happy Valley-Goose Bay;
  • Kanikuen Penashue Memorial Bridge, Tshenuamius-shipu (Kenamu River), approximately 75 kilometres south of Happy Valley-Goose Bay; and
  • Munik Pone Memorial Bridge, Uapushkakamau-shipu (Pinus River), approximately 80 kilometres west of Happy Valley-Goose Bay.
Auto & Trucking Atlantic - Newfoundland - September, 2020

Names for the bridges were proposed by Innu Nation and accepted by the Provincial Government. Signs will be installed near each of the bridges to commemorate the lives of the Innu leaders, 

“It gives me great pleasure to join with the Innu Nation in announcing that four bridges on the Trans-Labrador Highway will proudly display the names of four Innu leaders. 

The people being honoured with this distinction have made significant and long-lasting contributions throughout their lives in the areas of governance, preserving cultures and traditions, and standing proud and tall for the Innu people and the Innu way of life,” said the Honourable Dwight Ball, Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador

New Brunswick

New road and observation deck at Fundy Trail Parkway officially open

Visitors to New Brunswick now have easier access to scenic views of the Fundy coastline with today’s official opening of a new road to the Fundy Trail Parkway from Sussex and the Walton Glen Gorge Observation Deck, projects that have been underway for more than two decades.

These two projects required a total investment of $45 million over the past four years from both the provincial and federal governments. The official opening marks an important step towards the completion of the Fundy Trail Parkway development.

“Today’s announcement was a long time coming, but well worth the wait as people will now be able to experience the most stunning view on the east coast, no matter the season,” said Premier Blaine Higgs. “This is a magnificent addition to what Tourism New Brunswick has to offer and is sure to put our province on the map when it comes to must-see destinations.”

The new road extends about 12.7 km from the eastern gate of the Fundy Parkway towards Creek Road, south of Sussex. Its construction also involved enhancements including ditching, brush cutting, guiderail and slope stabilization on the existing Creek and Waterford Roads going towards Sussex.

Auto & Trucking Atlantic - Road Report, New Brunswick September, 2020

The new observation deck provides a view over Walton Glen Gorge. The area also offers a unique experience for visitors at the Little Salmon River Protected Natural Area.

“Today’s official opening of the Fundy Trail Parkway is a huge step forward for tourism in this spectacular part of New Brunswick,” said federal Economic Development and Official Languages Minister Mélanie Joly, who is also the minister responsible for the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency. “This beautiful route will help more visitors discover the Bay of Fundy and the region’s many hidden gems, while supporting local tourism as it recovers from COVID-19. Our message to our tourism sector is clear: we have been here for you with immediate measures, we are here for you now as our economy reopens, and we will get through this together. We are working with you to support good jobs and help New Brunswick tourism come back strong.”

The Fundy Trail Parkway is a 2,559-hectare park that welcomes more than 50,000 visitors per year. It features views along the shore of the Bay of Fundy and is operated by the not-for-profit organization, the Fundy Trail Development Authority Inc. With more than 30 km of road, the park provides multiple opportunities to seek out beaches, waterfalls, rocks and cliffs. Visitors can access 20 trails ranging from easy strolls to challenging wilderness hikes along the Fundy Coast, four waterfalls and eight points of interest including the Walton Glen Gorge, the Flower Pot Rock at Fownes Head, a 284-metre suspension footbridge crossing the Big Salmon River and an interpretive centre.

“After 25 years of dedication and hard work, we are pleased to reach a new milestone in the development of the Fundy Trail Parkway project,” said Greg Turner, president of the Fundy Trail Development Authority Inc. “So many people have envisioned and dreamed about developing this beautiful area where visitors can view the natural, unspoiled beauty of the Bay of Fundy coast. Today’s openings will allow the park to develop even more in the future.”

The connector road to Sussex and the observation deck are part of the Fundy Trail Parkway project, which began in 1995 with the objective of creating a world-class destination. At that time, it included an area that ended at Big Salmon River.

A major expansion of the park was undertaken in 2007. Thanks to the completion of the bridge located at Big Salmon River in 2008, further expansion was possible, and the parkway was completed in 2018.

Nova Scotia

Driver Licence Renewal Now Available Online

Nova Scotians can now access a new online service to make it easier and faster to renew regular driver, motorcycle and farm tractor licences.

Drivers can use the new service if they: have a licence that expires on or before Dec. 31; do not have outstanding fines or suspensions; have not recently changed their address online or do not need to change their address; have a regular (Class 5), motorcycle (Class 6) and farm tractor (Class 8) An electronic or printed renewal confirmation will be provided so people can continue to drive with their previous licence until their new card arrives in the mail.

“With the impact of COVID-19 on our daily lives, Nova Scotians have been provided different ways to access services while following new public health protocols to help keep themselves and others healthy and safe,” said Service Nova Scotia and Internal Services Minister Patricia Arab. 

“The new online driver licence renewal service will be faster, easier and more convenient for thousands of people with licences that will expire soon.”

Driver licences can still be renewed at Access Nova Scotia centres by calling to make an appointment or waiting in line.

Prince Edward Island

Complete a PEI Self-Declaration Travel Form to Enter from Other Atlantic Provinces

Starting Friday, July 3 at 12:01 am, Atlantic Canadians, and others who have been in the region at least 14 days, may travel to Prince Edward Island without needing to self-isolate. Public health and screening measures are in place across PEI as outlined in the travel restrictions order.

For visitors from other Atlantic provinces

Visitors coming to Prince Edward Island will need to complete the self-declaration form (see link below) including the following information:

  • Atlantic Canadian residence
  • Arrival and departure date and contact information
  • Travelers’ names
  • Health declaration

Be prepared for travelling delays at entry points to PEI due to processing during periods of heavy traffic.

What do I need to travel to Prince Edward Island?

For efficient processing, permanent Atlantic Canadian residents are asked to complete the self-declaration form at least one to two days in advance of arriving at a PEI entry point. Travelers will be asked to present two pieces of personal identification with proof of residence, one of which must include photo identification, as well as a series of health screening questions.

If you are not a permanent resident of Atlantic Canada, you must complete the self-declaration form at least one to two days in advance of arriving at a PEI entry point and present two pieces of personal identification, as illustrated, above PLUS:

Arriving to PEI entry points without proper documentation will result in delays. A paper version of this form is available at entry points for those that do not have Internet access.

When should I complete this online form?

Complete one (1) form per vehicle or travelling party. Travellers to PEI are asked to complete this online form one to two days prior to your arrival once you have confirmation of your travel dates and the names of all individuals who will make up your travel party. Once this form is submitted, any changes to your travel plans could result in a delay.

What public health measures are in place once I enter PEI?

Public health measures must be maintained at all of your points of interest while visiting Prince Edward Island. Everyone, including seasonal residents, should practice physical distancing, regular hand washing, staying home if feeling unwell, and contacting a primary care provider or calling 8-1-1 to discuss COVID-19 testing if  experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.

Tips for a successful online submission:

Use Chrome as your Internet browser.

Any section of the online form marked with * is a required field and must be completed.

The declaration, within the web form, is to be completed by a parent or guardian and covers any dependant(s) or minor(s) traveling in the party. A person must be 18 years-old to make this declaration. If you are a solo traveler under the age of majority, you must have a parent or guardian make this declaration on your behalf.

Keep a printed copy of the Preview page and the Submission ID. 

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