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Where Clients Still Count The Most Through Covid-19

For the team at Multiserve Petroleum Equipment, serving clients in the time of COVID-19 doesn’t actually look all that different. 

Sure, the company is taking careful measures to protect their customers and themselves – from wearing personal protective equipment on service calls, to enforcing physical distancing on all work sites – but the care and concern that the Multiserve team has for its clients is just as robust as it has always been.

“Our priorities have always been excellent customer service, quality products and safety for our staff and clients,” says Multiserve president Jeff McMackin. 

“And those priorities haven’t shifted a bit, even in light of a pandemic. So many of our clients, especially service stations, are performing essential services. 

But that doesn’t mean times aren’t difficult or uncertain for them. 

So our goal is to do everything we can to support their operations and help alleviate any stress we can for them – whether that’s getting shipments out sameday or making service calls 24-hours. 

Whatever they need, we do our very best to deliver.”

Multiserve planned ahead as the pandemic lockdown loomed in early March, ordering a solid supply of PPE for its workers, and implementing safe and flexible arrangements for office staff, including reconfiguring its office layout for maximum physical distancing and allowing them the option to work from home.

“These small but important adjustments to our own operations have ensured that our staff have felt safe and supported, and able to continue to focus on our customers’ needs without interruption,” said McMackin.  “Our team’s core goal has always been to go above and beyond for our clients, and that has only become all the more important to us as we all navigate these unpredictable weeks and months.”  

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