Indianapolis hosts Work Truck Week

by William Kaprelian

Indianapolis, Home to the first-eve Deisel Indy Race Car (Powered by Cummins) Which placed 13th in the 1931 running of the Indy 500 and to this day holds the record for never stopping during the entire race once, again hosted a “first-ever” during Work Truck Week this time involving commercial engines. Ford showcased two autogas/propane hybrid engines; a 7.3L V8 engine nicknamed “Godzilla”, horsepower in the 335 – 440 range with torque in the range of 468 – 475 lb-ft and RPMs in the 3,900 – 4,500 range and a Roush 7.3 L V8 with static 335 HP, 468 lb-ft @ 3,900 rpms. Designed as drop ins to update your commercial fleet for today and tomorrow powerplants.

Many nameplates at the 4-day event were touting lithium battery-powered commercial trucks – Isuzu, this year celebrating a 40-year milestone for selling trucks in North America, commented that when they consider range of an EV truck they apply a ratio of one kilowatt to one mile. Hence if you want a 400 mile+ electric vehicle per charge you need a power source of 400 kilowatts riding with you.

For local delivery/last mile use there were several Class 4 brands showing. Lion electric offered class 5 and class 6 all-electric commercial delivery chassis with up to 218-mile range @ 65 mph ready to upfit with many alternatives including passthrough between cab and chassis. Check them out at:

Green Power Motor Company, from Canada offered several adaptations to all electric commercial trucks; cargo refrigerated vans, passenger vans and cab and chassis options. Learn more about them at

Dhollandia was showing a range of power liftgate products designed for sprinter class vans (side and rear access) upwards to Class 6 and semi-trailer applications. One of the strong benefits to Dhollandia is stowage that allows ramp use without engaging the liftgate making it easier for loads at the dock or street level.

Ketchel Axle Systems with their eRHINO electrified axle system designed for fleet re-power and new production reaching across class 3 – 8 vehicles. In an era of rapid EV deployment, Ketchel offers an added fleet-savings with eRHINO, 20% reduction in battery consumption without compromising range or incurring additional costs!

Ranger Designs with its roots squarely in serving the needs of tradespeople/ trades vehicle unveiled a new upfit system designed with EV in mind. “We already have one of the quietest, most vibration free shelving units on the market, but composite partitions help to make it even quieter because they do a great job of dampening the sound and reducing the sound that comes in from the cargo hold,” Diaz said.

“It’s even more prominent when you’re driving an EV, so that’s an added benefit for driver comfort.” (Michael Diaz, Director of Fleet Upfit Solutions, Ranger Design,

Lastly, BOLT, breakthrough one-key lock technology, or as I like to say lowtech meets high-tech and like bratwurst I dunno how it’s made but I know it tastes good.

This technology doesn’t seem real… your key, their lock and together they become a unique bond. As this manufacturer says, “convenient security” for your truck, trailer and gear. Amen.

But let’s not forget about paying for it all, enter Mitsubishi HC Capital. They have many programs to help with new and used truck (2013 or newer) financing, loans and leases.

They leave no doubt what they can do for business/fleet by their own description, Mitsubishi HC Capital America is the largest non-bank, non-captive commercial lender in North America.

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