Automotive Sector Council of Nova Scotia Apprentice Recruitment Program has its First Graduates

The Automotive Sector Council of Nova Scotia has their first graduates of the Pathways to Success program to help sustain the industry with new people to the automotive trade. The program was developed through 2 years of industry-led planning, and partnering with Nova Scotia Apprenticeship, the Nova Scotia Community College and equity-seeking groups.

Entry Level Training: Tire and Maintenance Technician (TMT) 

The Pathways to Success is a 8-week program, delivered through online learning and in-shop training over two 4-week blocks. The program provides individuals with entry-level knowledge and training as a Tire and Maintenance Technician (TMT). The program is designed to increase recruitment and retention in the automotive industry while reducing barriers to employment. 

The graduates of the program have indicated that they learned more than they were anticipating and that all the learning was relevant and applicable. Graduates of the programs are invested in the automotive industry and have future plans of progressing within the industry to begin apprenticeship or own their own automotive shop. Not only did the graduates obtain skills and knowledge within the automotive realm, but they also indicated they learned interpersonal skills, problem-solving skills, and customer service skills throughout the program.

Less Up front Training and Eager Applicants

The program is not only beneficial to the individuals who participate, but also to employers. By hiring someone who has completed the Pathways to Success program (TMT), your new employee will already be aware of automotive safety protocols and require less upfront training. Additionally, they have completed the program based upon the notion that they are dedicated to working within the field and therefore increasing employee retention and productivity during the busiest times of tire season in your automotive shop. This supports you as employers to focus on broadening employee training during the slower months of your business.

 If you are interested in participating in the program or have someone you’d like to hire who requires training, please contact for more information.

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