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New Tire and Maintenance Technician Program is a Pathway to Success

The Automotive Sector Council of Nova Scotia has opened the door to employment for six of the first candidates trained as tire technicians.  After two years of industry-led planning, developing and partnering with NS Apprenticeship, NSCC and equity-seeking groups, the Pathways to Success program has come to fruition!By Kastin Bradley 

By Kastin Bradley 

Pathways to Success is a free eight-week program, delivered online and in the shop over two  four-week blocks. The program provides individuals with entry-level knowledge and training as a Tire and Maintenance Technician (TMT). The program is designed to increase recruitment and retention in the automotive power industry while reducing barriers to employment. Core competencies have been identified that will qualify jobseekers for employment in the automotive industry and the opportunity to work towards being certified as a Tire and Maintenance Technician (TMT) and enrolling in apprenticeship.

Block 1 covers competencies deemed necessary to work in-shop as a tire technician and prepares individuals ready to work for the upcoming tire-changing season in October.

The fall cohort was a wonderful group of individuals who were incredibly grateful for the opportunity to learn from such an experienced NSCC instructor, Adam LaPierre. Feedback from participants indicated that the Pathways to Success program has cultivated a safe learning environment for individuals of all skill levels.

During the in-shop training, one participant stated “Sometimes when my boss explains things it goes in one ear and out the other, but now I truly understand it.” Another stated, “This program is great because Adam’s never condescending and we have time to try things and say what we think might be right without it affecting a customer.” Participants also indicated that they learned more than they were expecting to during the first block of training!

Post-program evaluation feedback included comments like:  “The program is so amazing and helpful to me. It also changed my attitude… that I’m important.” as well as “[The program was] actually very helpful…it showed me how to work with others, be a good leader, learn different kinds of techniques, and safety rules and procedures. I am for sure gonna be using all the things from Block 1 at work.” 

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  • Miguel Buatis says:

    So inspiring to know the experience and learning that they obtained from this kind of program!

    I would love know if you are going to conduct another program like this.

    Thank you and more power!

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