The Quebec government recently closed its consultation on changes to Quebec’s Zero-Emission Vehicle Sales Standard (ZEV Standard): “The essence of these proposed changes to Quebec’s mandated zero-emission vehicle targets is to drastically increase the stringency of the regulation less than 6 months after their previous consultation,” said David Adams, President & CEO of the GAC. 

“Our industry requires some consistency regarding the targets regulators require manufacturers to meet that are first, grounded in science and secondly, supported by ongoing commitments to both consumer incentives and charging infrastructure build-out,” added Adams “All of our members are fully supportive of the drive to decarbonize their fleets, however governments in Quebec and across Canada need to be aware of the unintended consequences for consumers of setting targets that are both too aggressive and too costly for manufacturers to comply with. These consequences can include increased vehicle prices and decreased model selection, both of which can result in older vehicles staying on the road longer – which does nothing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.” 

“Moreover, the Quebec government cannot simply pretend that record high inflation and Bank of Canada interest rates that will likely be at 3.25% by the end of the year have no impact on consumers’ ability to afford to transition to electric vehicles – which remain more expensive. Meanwhile, the government is cutting its incentive amount available to assist consumers. This is not a recipe for success,” noted Adams. 

The GAC and its member companies remain committed to working with the Québec government to decarbonize road-transportation and continue to provide our input into the regulatory development process.

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