2021: Applied Assistance in Review

Tech afficionado or not, the applications below are built for the aid and convenience of pros and novices alike. Whether you’re driving a semi or a sedan, these digital tools have got you covered.


Trucker Path: Versatility in a smartphone, TP is the number one navigation app to find truck stops, parking, weight stations and CAT scales. The GPS technology helps you to avoid low bridges, find the nearest competitively-priced fuel stops with necessary truck clearance and log service hours. It also provides a bevy of job listings and offers a driver’s forum.

Weigh My Truck: No need to get out of the cab. Known for its efficiency, WMT allows drivers to pay for their transactions digitally through platforms like PayPal, EFS, Comdata, ACH or an ordinary credit card. Sent straight to your smartphone, you can get back on the road without any extra fuss. If you still need a hard copy for billing purposes, a physical CAT Scale ticket is accessible at the fuel desk for an hour after weighing.

Gas Buddy: In a word, vast. GB has more than 150,000 gas stations recorded in its database. North Americans can select from or combine up to 27 ways to save on gas and diesel. Finding cheap prices is its game, from any brand station. Search filters also include price, location and amenities. The in-built alert system helps to notify you when there’s an impending fuel price hike and a trip cost calculator operating via motion detection can show you which events are hampering your fuel economy.

Rolling Strong: Shifting from fuel to food economy, RS offers personalized exercise coaching and dietary advice. Dedicated to truck drivers, this app factors in your daily sleep, exercise, water and calorie intake to provide tailored nutritional and exercise guidance. If the specialized online coaching component isn’t your style, it can also identify the nearest fitness spots that offer truck parking. Additional benefits include hydration reminders and redeemable rewards points.

Calm: Looking to a different type of nourishment, Calm is a hub for music and meditation. Offering over 500 HD audio channels to stream relaxing music, genres range from binaural beat therapy and nature sounds to jazz and pop-rock. Perhaps the most shining feature of this app is its focus on mental health. Meditation content comprises but is not limited to: anxiety and stress management, relationship maintenance, gratitude and mindfulness. 


Turo: Airbnbs on wheels. Thrifty car renting with more variety, Turo provides access to high-end vehicles that conventional rental agencies don’t offer. Over 400,000 vehicle listings worldwide can help facilitate moving day or that fancy weekend getaway in a roadster. They’ve even developed safety accommodations through multiple contactless check-in options.

Smart Dash Cam: An ingenious alternative to costly traditional means. Equipped with collision detection and auto-loop technology, it can capture natural landscapes or record valuable accident footage. In that vein, its material is also admissible in court. Available in English, Spanish, French and German. Additional silent witnesses may cost extra.

Parkopedia: Okay, maybe Gas Buddy isn’t the only thing vast on this list. Parkopedia offers access to 70 million spaces in 15000 different cities. Search filters like free, street parking only and credit cards accepted help you find a great space with prompt directions. While it doesn’t possess an in-app payment feature, it does offer detailed information about availability, pricing and hours of operation.

PlugShare: An app that’s user-friendly to new electric vehicle owners. Pointing you to the closest charging station, EV and Tesla options are proffered in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. The world’s largest EV driver community, PlugShare not only lets users find points that are compatible with their needs, but also station ratings, availabilities and descriptions. Participating locations even extend an in-app payment system for charging.

Edmunds: Contains expert car reviews and ratings on used and new vehicles from all makes and multiple models. Buying and leasing is a whole lot easier with their internal payment calculator and market pricing system. Discovering the average transaction price for a prospect is vital to make sure you’re not overspending. Finally, if you’re not inclined to visit a dealership, a picture and in-depth video feature can show you the status of every car on your short list.

There you have it. A guide to all things techy, innovative and convenient over the last 365 days. Check them out to make your driving experience a little more holistic and a lot more efficient. 

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