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New app launched by Big Rig Wraps puts a new spin on old advertising forms 

By Carter Hammett

Hot off the press, a new app launched by transport truck advertising company Big Rig Wraps, adds depth and a touch of fun to traditional marketing formats, something that’s sorely needed during these troubled times.

Indeed, Spot the Truck! ( is a rewards program that offers users a diverse suite of prizes ranging from  oil changes to Telus mobility bonuses. Users are invited to snap a picture or take a video every time they notice truck advertising and then submit it to social media where they earn points with the hashtag #bigrigwraps.

Big Rig Wraps CEO Angela Baltokis
Big Rig Wraps CEO Angela Baltokis

“While you’re sitting in rush hour traffic we thought, let’s turn this into something more fun,” says Big Rig Wraps CEO Angela Baltokis.

Simply enter the date and time and approximate location of your photo, tap in your email and it’s as simple as that. Participants are of course encouraged to drive safely. Users can receive extra points if the imagery is a Big Rig Wraps ad and can enter up to three times daily.  

Rewards are actually obtained from Big Rig’s partner companies, which creates a win-win for both Big Rigs and the organization being highlighted.

“They get notifications when people see their trucks,” says Baltokis. “We’ll feature and highlight  different rewards and the companies get sales and increased visibility.”

But users also have another option. If they like they can opt out of the prize and redirect their winnings to a non-profit organization. 

“We’re going to have a section where you can dedicate points to charity,” says Baltkois. “We’ve worked with several charities over the years; everything from mental health to cats. Rather than taking a gift, you can donate points towards a specific cause.” 

Baltkois says the app was actually in development prior to COVID’s entry into the daily consciousness but the pandemic scuttled initial plans, and it wasn’t until March of this year that the idea regained its footing.

Compatible with both Apple and Android, the app looks substantially different than when it was first conceived, Baltokis says. Before its release, it was far more complicated. “We’ve made it as simple as possible. We needed to make information more secure…we’re on top of that.”

The app is the latest promotional initiative for the company Baltokis founded in 2013, after she identified a barely-touched marketing medium: transport trucks. She created a business model where all-sized businesses could buy large scale ads on trucks ranging from 20-to-53 feet.  The company currently partners with over 50 fleet owners who make both their rigs and routes available to advertisers.   

Prior to her current position, Baltokis spent two decades as a brand strategist and owner of a successful internet marketing firm when online advertising was still in its infancy.

She still hones these skills through relationship building and a strong presence online and on all the major social media outlets. 

For more information on Big Rig Wraps, visit their site at:

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