Body Maintenence Program to Fight Corrosion

Have you taken a close look at your equipment lately? In this part of the world, if your equipment has been in use for even just a few years, the first signs of deterioration have already begun to appear in the form of corrosion unless of course you’ve taken preventive measures to protect your equipment and vehicles from rust. 

It is a fact that we live in one of the most corrosive environments on earth. In addition, the use of de-icing chemicals on our roads are at an all-time high. Without proper protection, equipment and vehicles can rust rapidly even in warm weather. This results in expensive breakdowns, electrical failure and compromised vehicle safety. 

There are many challenges in maintaining vehicles from a corrosion point of view such as shrinking budgets for maintenance, increased requirements for vehicles to be in service and improper or non-existent washing/cleaning of vehicles. Corrosion protection or Body Maintenance is much more than undercoating or rust proofing. 

Good corrosion protection is based upon removing moisture from the surface of metal and leaving behind a film that will bond to the metal to repel moisture and prevent corrosion. 

Krown’s program addresses cleaning issues as an important factor in proper corrosion protection and we’ve recently introduced a product that is specifically designed to combat the Calcium and Magnesium Chlorides that are being used in pre-wetting/de-icing applications, it is called Salt Eliminator. This product can be added in to either a pre-washing of the vehicle or it can be part of the service that Krown performs. 

Krown Rust Control is Canada’s leader in rust protection and body maintenance. Krown is a unique, environmentally friendly product that contains no toxins, no solvents and is non-flammable. The Krown product remains active providing the best protection available against corrosion. Not only does the Krown product protect metal surfaces, but it also lubricates moving parts, and repels moisture from electrical components contributing to fewer electrical breakdowns. Krown customers consistently report reduced maintenance costs and money saved in downtime and replacement parts. 

In business since 1986 and with more than 250 locations, Krown is the only company of its kind that annually certifies its technicians and that has a nationally-backed, life-time corrosion warranty. The Krown product consistently outperforms all competitive products which is why we protect more vehicles and equipment than any other company in Canada. 

Many of our locations offer mobile services and work along with fleets and companies of all sizes. Why not speak to a Krown representative today to see how Krown can protect your investment and start saving you money today.

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