EV clinics are just the latest innovation from Atlantic EV pioneers

By Jérémie Bernardin

Creating a buzz with the local electric vehicle enthusiasts for a good cause

Peeking under the hood and under the battery case of an electric vehicle is quite a unique opportunity that many electric vehicle (EV) enthusiasts in Halifax jumped at this past June. All EV Halifax held an in-depth Tesla Model 3 clinic open to the public with half of the money raised going to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and half to the Electric Vehicle Association of Atlantic Canada.

With multiple Teslas up on hoists with their protective covers taken off, participants had the chance to see firsthand how unique these vehicles are. A cutaway motor was on display along with individual battery cells (of which 4416 cells arranged in 96 groups of 46 make up one battery pack), battery cooling components, autonomous driving components, heat pump, and the charging equipment “brains” that control the battery. 

Participants had the chance to ask master technician and EV expert David Giles any questions they had. With no shortage of those, Giles covered a tremendous amount of ground including Vehicle 2 Grid, their in-house EV-specific rustproofing, certified battery health reports, charging systems, battery innovations, service regimen on components, and more. This clinic would be considered one of the most in-depth and advanced Tesla clinics open to the public in North America.

Best of all, Dave announced his newest project, a completely new and unique cut-away Tesla IDEV (Interactive Demonstration Electric Vehicle) that will be on display at their soon-to-open All EV location in Moncton.

This is but one example of how Steele Auto Group and All EV are leaning in to accelerate electric vehicle awareness, interest, and adoption in Atlantic Canada.

 To join upcoming EV educational sessions visit  www.allev.ca/ev-education

Jérémie Bernardin is the Business Development Manager with All EV by Steele

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