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All EV Canada expands across Atlantic Canada with four new dealerships

Electric car dealership All EV Canada has announced four new stores across Atlantic Canada, two of which will be in Newfoundland, one in New Brunswick, and one in Nova Scotia. The news follows the recent sale of All EV Canada to Steele Auto Group. 

Steele Auto Group announced it had acquired the Halifax-based electric vehicle dealership on July 26, 2021. Peter Porteus, a vice president with Steele Auto Group, told news outlet Huddle that Steele Auto Group invested in All EV Canada because of its expertise in the EV field and its efforts to promote EV adoption in Atlantic Canada. 

He added that Steele Auto Group is aligned with All EV Canada founders David Giles, Jérémie Bernardin, and Jeff Farwell in their vision for the EV market. “The change that our industry is going through towards electrification probably hasn’t been seen since the invention of the Model T,” Porteus told Huddle on August 3rd. 

Porteus added that the government’s investment in charging infrastructure combined with timelines by OEMs to transition their production to electric vehicles will “revolutionize the automotive industry.”

Although EV adoption across the Atlantic provinces has been relatively slow compared to other parts of the country, new provincial cash rebates, like those recently introduced in Prince Edward Island are sparking sales. “The moment that incentive program was introduced in Prince Edward Island, retail happened,” Porteus said. “People who had been thinking about it for a year or two years, the day it was announced, were coming in and buying vehicles.” 

Those rebates, which have also been introduced across other Atlantic provinces, are “‘directly responsible’ for Steele’s decision to invest in All EV Canada and its expansion,” he added. 

All four of All EV Canada’s new expansions—in Corner Brook and St.John’s Newfoundland, Fredericton New Brunswick, and a new location in Halifax—will open in September of this year and will add to All EV Canada’s current location in Prince Edward Island, giving the company more complete representation across the Atlantic Provinces.

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