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A NS automotive industry first!

The Back Into Focus Summit Meeting held on June 24th, 2009 was an industry first.

Different industry sectors sitting across the table discussing issues common to all with an avid interest in brainstorming for solutions was indeed historic. To be in the Automotive Industry during this economic climate, all participants recognized the need and opportunity to work closer together for these common goals, opportunities and solutions.

2009 Summit participants

The Automotive Sector Council welcomes the opportunity to work with each sector in communicating out these issues to all of the automotive industry.  The Summit provided the genesis of this concept and in partnership with NSCC will facilitate another meeting to further develop the Industry Capacity building process.

The individuals that attended had lively discussion on specific issues and did agree that there was value in such a networking opportunity. A vastly improved ability to communicate key industry issues and strengthen relationships was noted and all had an interest and support for next steps.

Attendees included:

XRob Alfers XAuto Atlantic
XDave Giles, Bernard Jurcina XNSCC
XLaird Allen, Walter Roy XNSCC
XRoy McNeill, Danny Harvey XDon McNeill’s Shell
XLarry Harris XMain Street Auto
XBahram Mirzagha, Trevor Robinson XAuto Choice Parts & Paints
XBrian Slaunwhite, Rob MacKinnon XPartSource
XStan Boyd XNAPA
XChad Kennedy XCertiguard
XShirley Mitchell, Jack Jacobs, Gary Mott XCoast Tire, ATDA
XJoel Miller XMiller Tire
XGary Salkus XApple Auto Glass
XDennis Burke XAIAA
XGraham Conrad XRGDA, ATA
XLindsay Gates XCRANS
XRui Martins XCanadian Tire
XNikki Barnett, Shannon Smith XAutomotive Sector Council

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