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Canada to require gasoline contain 5% renewable fuel by 2010

Canada will require that gasoline and diesel contain an average of 5 percent renewable energy by 2010 to cut pollution and bolster domestic corn and grain farming. The target, 10 times higher than current levels, includes fuels such as ethanol made from corn or wheat, and bio-diesel created from recycled cooking oil or slaughterhouse waste, Natural Resources Minister Gary Lunn said recently.``Five percent is an ambitious target, It’s one we feel we can meet.’’

Husky Energy Inc. and Suncor Energy Inc. are expanding ethanol production in Canada to meet increased demand for the fuel. Most cars in North America can already run on fuel that uses up to 10 percent ethanol.

criticized Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative government for saying after it was elected in January that Canada won’t meet pollution targets set by the Kyoto treaty on global warming. Opposition parties led by the Bloc Quebecois passed a nonbinding motion last week asking Harper to ensure Canada meets its Kyoto commitments.

The Conservative government instead says renewable fuels and working with a group of the world’s biggest polluters may offer better ways for Canada to help reduce pollution.
``I am open to looking at any partnership or arrangement and I think the Asia Pacific Partnership has a lot to offer,’’ Lunn said. Harper promised a 5 percent renewable fuel target in his election platform.

The US and the European Union are also boosting renewable fuel production to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions that scientists say are raising the planet’s temperature and increasing the risk of deadly floods and tropical diseases.
US Senator Hillary Clinton, a New York Democrat who is considering a run for president in 2008, said in a speech recently, she wants pumps capable of handling ethanol in 50 percent of US gas stations by 2015. She also called for a 50 percent tax credit for the installation costs.


WIX 'Party Like a Rock Star'

Partnership with Speedway Motorsports Inc. Offers Racing Fans an Opportunity to Win Trip for Four to Las Vegas NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series Event.

WIX Filters, the number one filter in NASCAR, has announced the WIX “Party Like a Rock Star” Sweepstakes, a new 6 month contest that enables four lucky race fans to experience an all-expense-paid VIP trip to the 2007 NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series event at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

“The WIX “Party Like a Rock Star” sweepstakes is a natural extension of WIX’s NASCAR involvement and its relationship with Speedway Motorsports” said Brian Fleming Director of Marketing, Affinia Canada. “We’ve received great feedback from customers for our previous sweepstakes promotional efforts, which were very successful in driving traffic to our customers, thereby increasing their individual market share.

With the “Party Like a Rock Star” promotion, we’re again reaching out to loyal NASCAR fans who support the brands that support their favorite sport.”

In conjunction with SMI., WIX Filters will award a Service Provider, their winning customer and two guests a prize package that includes garage and victory lane passes, deluxe accommodations, four round-trip airline tickets, four personalized leather jackets, an infield RV to relax in, a live radio interview, over $6000 spending money and a helicopter ride to the race!

The WIX “Party Like a Rock Star” sweepstakes promotion runs from mid June through December 2006. Race fans will be encouraged, by national advertising and highly visible point-of-sale displays at all WIX Service Providers, to register for the VIP trip for four to the 2007 NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series race at Las Vegas Online information and “official rules” are available at a special WIX website.

The “Party Like a Rock Star” sweepstakes is part of WIX Filters’ extensive motorsports involvement which includes an associate sponsorship of Joe Gibbs Racing and product sponsorships with leading NASCAR teams including Robert Yates Racing, Hendrick Motorsports, Roush Racing, Richard Childress Racing, Dale Earnhardt, Inc., Evernham Motorsports and Joe Gibbs Racing.

WIX Filters, an exclusive NASCAR Performance Product, also is the official sponsor of the WIX Filters Lap Leader Award, which offers cash prizes for the leader of the most laps during each event within the top three NASCAR racing divisions and a year-end prize for the driver within each series who wins the most WIX Filters Lap Leader Awards during the season. WIX Filters: Speedway Motorsports is a marketer & promoter of motorsport entertainment.


NGK 2006 catalogue

NGK Spark Plugs Canada Limited is pleased to announce the release of the 2006 Spark Plug Master Catalogue. Our new Master Spark Plug Catalogue includes updated applications, new part numbers and expanded coverage on Automotive, Sport and Small Engine applications.


Rotary updates four-post lift

Rotary Lift has updated its complete line of light-duty four-post vehicle lifts to offer technicians greater convenience. The power unit and controls on each of the 12,000 lbs. capacity lifts has been moved to the driver’s side front of the lift. Additionally, the lifts now feature easy-to-use conventional dual hand controls. Rotary four-post lifts are available as standard or alignment lifts.

 All Rotary light-duty four-post lifts have been ETL tested and certified by the Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) to meet or exceed ANSI standards. They are available with an open front to allow easy access under the vehicle or with a closed front. Rotary four-post lifts have 73 3/4 inches of rise - more than any other four-post lift.

They feature adjustable latch bars to ensure the runways are level at multiple locking positions, non-skid surface for better tire grip and a center track for rolling jacks that is manufactured as part of the runway, rather than welded on, to provide superior strength and stability. All Rotary four-post lifts come standard with a filter/lubricator/regulator to provide clean, lubricated air to extend the life of the rolling jacks and technicians’ air tools.

Rotary four-post lifts can handle wheelbases from 163 inches to 206 1/2 inches. Extended ramps are available for low-profile vehicles. Additionally, the SM101 four-post lift was designed specifically for limousine service, offering 10,000 lbs. capacity and extended runways. A variety of productivity equipment is available with the lifts, including rolling jacks, swing air jacks, a portable work step and oil drain pan.

A bolt-on alignment kit allows standard drive-on runways to convert to alignment runways. All Rotary alignment lifts are equipped with two rolling jacks, rear slip plates and stainless steel radius gauges. Alignment lifts are available with the runways cut out to accommodate the front radius gauges and rear slip plates.

For more information about Rotary Lift four-post lifts or any other Rotary Lift products or services, contact your local distributor, call (800) 640-5438 or them here.


Québec getting tough over vehicle emmissions

The government of Quebec has launched a 24-point, six-year action plan to reduce or avoid greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, including restrictions on GHG on a carbon tax. The province’s emissions have risen 6.6 per cent since 1990. Transportation emits the largest amount of GHG in Quebec, accounting for 37.4 per cent of the total.

The new action plan, called Quebec and Climate Change, A Challenge for the Future, outlines a series of actions, including implementing new GHG standards for new cars similar to those set by the state of California; setting a minimum 5 per cent ethanol component for total fuel sales by 2012.

The plan also will encourage municipalities to implement idle-restriction laws; encourage the development and use of public transit; encourage alternatives such as car-sharing, carpooling and active transportation such as cycling or walking; mandating the use of speed-limiting devices on all heavy-duty trucks to 105 km/h; and a carbon tax in the form of a royalty on hydrocarbons.

The government expects the tax to raise about $200 million per year over six years, with proceeds to finance a $1.2 billion Green Fund.


Canada’s auto industry reduces smog emissions

New cars and light trucks sold in Canada significantly outperform the requirements set by Environment Canada in its On-Road Vehicle and Engine Emissions Regulations of December 2002, reports the Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers’ Association (CVMA).

The association refers to Environment Canada’s report, Fleet Average NOx Emission Performance of 2004 Light-Duty Vehicles, Light-Duty Trucks and Medium-Duty Passenger Vehicles, released June 1, 2006. “The accelerated roll-out of advanced emissions control technology reinforces the industry’s commitment to clean air,” says Mark Nantais, President of CVMA.

“The latest emissions controls are so effective that over 99 per cent of all smog-causing tailpipe emissions have been eliminated. In fact, this information clearly shows that Canadian cars, light trucks and medium-duty passenger vehicles are only a small contributor to smog-forming emissions, and that the Canadian new-vehicle fleet is significantly cleaner and ahead of schedule in meeting the very stringent requirements of Canada’s emission regulations.”

The CVMA adds that each year, the new passenger vehicle fleet makes up approximately eight per cent of all vehicles on the road; as the new technology continues to be introduced and sold, the effect of vehicles on air quality will be even further reduced.