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Atlantic Nationals, Moncton 2010

It’s been a wild ride here in Atlantic Canada and We are back at the Atlantic Nationals in Moncton, NB.

This is Stacy David, Courtney Hansen, Gene Winfield, and Matt Graves of Cherry Bomb. Stacy, Courtney, and Gene were the celebrity guests at the show.

The nationals is one of the craziest most crowded car shows we do. When you only have about three months of good weather here to enjoy your car you take it seriously. The attendance this year was well over 150,000, which is about the population of Moncton. People come from all over Canada to attend. This show has some of the most diverse mix of cars and machines here of any show around. Tons of Mopars, vans, oddball Canadian versions of American muscle cars. Really neat stuff. And it’s all show quality mint condition.

This year we brought Stacey David of Gearz with us to sign autographs at the booth. He was like the Beatles here. Every time he was in the booth you couldn’t move. People would stand in line for hours to see him. They all associate him with Cherry Bomb and love what he does on his show. People brought all kinds of stuff for him to sign- glove box doors, hats, t-shirts, books, DVDs, a sunroof, wheel, pistons, body parts (human and auto) etc. We literally had to hide him somewhere when he took lunch. They would buy CB swag just so he could sign the logo. We sold every single t-shirt we had on the trailer. One guy even bought a small t-shirt because we didn’t have any sizes left but that, he just wanted to hang it on his wall.  Courtney Hanson of PowerblockTV and from “Overhaulin’ ” joined him a few times in our booth for autographs and the place went thermonuclear.

Winners of The 2010 Grand prize 1967 Camaro with Stacy David

We set up downtown on Friday night for the street party and like always it was jammed until well past midnight. Saturday and Sunday was at the park with over 2000 cars each day. We had Stacey do a Cherry Bomb award for his pick of the show and he picked out a 37 Chevy Rat Rod tow truck He gave the guy an award on stage and signed his truck. The Cherry Bomb has reached legendary status in Canada.

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