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Letter from the Editor

Romanticizing the Milestones

By Carter Hammett

If this issue has a theme, it seems to be about milestones. Heck, itís not just any business that makes it to the big nine-oh, but we are celebrating a big birthday this time out in honour of one Robert Buzzell.

For the uninitiated, the Buzzell family is into its fourth generation of running, growing and nurturing the family business. That’s a celebration at the best of times, and for the Maritimes, a ceilidh. From humble beginnings that began with a loan from Mom to one of Atlantic Canada’s most respected brands, Buzzell knows its business and this issue you will too.

Across the big pond, another iconic brand featured this issue is Peugeot, which reaches its second century of service this year. With this achievement, the world’s tenth-largest automobile brand is going all out to elevate its global standing by three notches. Given its history of successes, innovations and ability to sniff out the zeitgeist, Peugeot seems poised to succeed.  As anyone in the car business knows, there can be no growth without risk, and Buzzell and Peugeot are two automobile icons that have that fact nailed.

That said, we are attempting to stretch and grow with the introduction of a few new items this issue. Carly Peters, who guest edited last issue, is back with a new column, “Women and Wheels” beginning here.  In what we hope will be an ongoing feature, new-mom-for-the-second-time Carly will ditch the Manolos for booster cables and  provide some “intelligent dish” for our female readers, who by the way, also have been known to drive from time to time!

Also new this issue is the round-up item, “This Just In” which gathers news of the mechanically weird and wonderful   for your reading pleasure. Everyone has a weird car tale to tell, and this is where you’ll find  these oddball distractions.

Speaking of distraction, we also introduce the first of a three-part series on driving with a disability, beginning with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). It’s estimated that up to four percent of the population lives with this disability, yet many never get properly diagnosed. And many are on the road.

Of course we also have our usual supply of  engaging regulars onboard this issue too, lest anyone thinks we’re veering too far off course. We remain committed to celebrating everything Atlantic , making this your drive-through publication! Please, let us know how we’re doing. Do we get your motor running or are you experiencing engine trouble? Either way, we want to know.  And now, without further adieu, time to get your Maritime on!

By Carter Hammett

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