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Slurpee World Title Contested

Despite the summer heat, chilly news has been traveling between Kemmewick, Wash, USA, and Winnipeg as the coveted title of Slurpee capitol of the world is debated.

Slurpee Girl

For the last eight years, Winnipeg has held the title; however, a recent press release stated that Kennewick, with a population of 40,000, was “recently crowned the new Slurpee capital.” In an attempt to set the record straight, Don Marriotto, owner of the Kennewick franchise, said his sales are beating the champ’s figures be-cause more than 40 percent of the Slurpee drinks he sells are in 40-ounce cups, adding that Winnipeg might be losing ground due to its 22-ounce offerings. In response to the uproar surrounding the highly contested is-sue, Marriotto said, “You’d think somebody dropped a nuclear bomb in Winnipeg.”

Assisting in the fallout is 7-Eleven spokesperson Margaret Chabris, who told CSNews Online it comes down to analyzing related statistics. “Don’s store is number one in sales dollars for US and Canada, but not in units sold yet,” she said. “He is No. 1 for units sold only among all US stores. However, the No. 1 market for overall Slurpee sales/units in the US is still the Detroit area.” While the existing gray area is understandable, in the end 7-Eleven celebrated its 81st birthday in July by putting to rest the international debate by awarding the Slurpee Cup to Winnipeg for the ninth consecutive year.

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