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Castrol's Canadian Motorsport Program is huge for 2008

Castrol has a long tradition of motorsport involvement in Canada as around the world. No one keeps records, but the Castrol name is undoubtedly the most prominent in racing across this country. The sponsorships start with NCATS star DJ Kennington who has been carrying the Castrol red-white-and-green since 1994 when he broke into Canada's premier stock circuit as a 16-year old rookie to last year when he finished second overall in the tough series. After a blown motor in first race of the NCATS 2008 season, DJ's Syntec Dodge took a strong 2nd place at Mosport on June 15.

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Last year was Castrol's first sponsoring The Castrol Canadian Touring Car Championship and the record-breaking grids were packed for every race. The 2008 season includes eight events in Ontario and Quebec with a larger than ever entry field of highly competitive teams.

Drifting is a high-skill, high-powered motorsport that calls for drivers to control a car while it slides sideways at high speed through a marked course. The Castrol Drift Mania Canadian Championship is the premier series bringing this country's star drivers out to battle. Six rounds in Quebec, Ontario and Alberta make up the hard fought season. Beyond these three flagship sponsorships, Castrol's dedication to motorsport is spread across the country, literally from Newfoundland to BC. For example, the Série ACT-Castrol is a highly competitive stock circuit in Quebec and Eastern Ontario.

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Castrol is on legions of racecars at tracks in every province as well as on track signs everywhere. At Mosport, Castrol sponsors the tower and in Edmonton the largest venue is the title-sponsored Castrol Raceway. Castrol is the founding sponsor of the Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame, the nation's racing icon. Wherever racers and fans express their love of speed across Canada, the Castrol logo is front and centre.

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