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Convoy for a cure New Brunswick - lets drive out cancer one truck at a time

Female drivers with class 1 licenses have been invited to join in the first annual Convoy For a Cure in new brunswick.

This unique fundraiser to be held on October 17th, 2009 celebrates the role that women play in the trucking industry and at the same time we will be raising money for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation -Atlantic Canada.

For the first time in New Brunswick, a convoy of approximately 50 female class 1 licensed truck drivers, will roll down Trans Canada Highway 2, sporting their pink T-shirts and pink ball hats, in beautifully decorated trucks, laughing and talking to other female drivers and having fun, lots of fun, while helping the cause.

Rolling down the highway, CB’s blaring, XM radios playing, waves from the crowd, horns honking, children laughing, mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, with tears in their eyes as they remember the ones they love or had once loved and who have lost the battle!! Tears of sadness, joy, hope and belief, belief in a future free of breast cancer. Music for the ears and deep peace for the soul. A memory in the making.

Gentlemen are not only welcome, but encouraged to become a part of the support convoy. Show support to our female drivers, register, get your pledge sheets and decorate your trucks, and have a woman in the passenger seat.

Become a sponsor and support us financially, donate product, promotional or other merchandise, anything pink, umbrellas, coffee mugs, coolers, eyeglasses, write about us on your web page, come to the event and join in the celebrations. There will be guest speakers from the foundation, cancer survivors, female truckers and so many more. An old fashion kitchen party the way only Maritimers can do it - music, food, face painting, clowns, information booths, a barrage of trucks creating a rainbow of colors encircling the truck stops in Salisbury and Aulac.

Convoy for a cure in Alberta

As a sponsor we would offer you a unique opportunity to set up an information booth open to the public. We will be catering primarily to those involved in the trucking industry, their families, and their friends. We would be honored to add you to our growing list of sponsors on our webpage and if your financial support is over the sum of $500 we would add your name to our posters, banners, t-shirts and so much more.

We will be touching upon your customer base with this unique fundraiser. All sponsors will be acknowledged on our webpage. Merchandise donated will be used to fill the drivers gift bags, as prizes for the three females who raise the most money individually, the lady with the best decorated truck, or as raffle prizes. For further information, visit here., or call (506) 622-7466.

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