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xBy Dale H Mader

It’s a sobering thought when I sit here and realize that another year is quickly coming to a close. The older we get, the quicker the seasons seem to roll around. It’s been quite a year. About his time last year, I remarked in my letter that many of us were quite shocked to see the pump price of gasoline in Atlantic Canada reach as high as $1.00 per litre.

This year, after having helplessly watched the price of gasoline approach $1.30 per litre, motorists are almost thankful that the price has retreated back to only $1.00. Motor Fuel Price Regulation has come back to Nova Scotia with the Province realizing that maybe it’s not such a bad idea after all, to have an independent body endeavor to see that consumers are being charged gasoline prices, that are deemed fair and reasonable. New Brunswick also joined in the regulatory approach this year, making the four Atlantic Provinces all of similar mind.

To be sure, given the volatility in the world price of crude oil as we endure one international crisis after another, there have been some growing pains and not everyone is happy at the moment, but it seems to me that regulation should be given a fair chance to prove itself. The fact that all four Atlantic Provinces have adopted regulation, in spite of the best efforts of the oil company lobby to discredit all attempts to do so, is quite remarkable.

Living in Atlantic Canada means that we are blessed with four distinct seasons, highlighted by warm summers and cold winters. It is highly unlikely that this coming winter will be as mild and pleasant as last years, therefore we must prepare to cope with winter snow storms that could easily cripple our ability to travel and function normally.

In this issue, we salute those men and women whose job it is to keep our roads clear of snow, thereby allowing us to travel safely to whatever destination we wish, whether it be for business, or to enjoy the unique recreational opportunities that only winter offers. Without the dedicated work of the snow removal professionals, living in Atlantic Canada during the winter months would be much tougher.

Dale H Mader
Managing Editor

You can contact Dale here.