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Tenneco T3 Tour Rolls Into Moncton, NB and St. John’s, NL

The travelling aftermarket educational road show’s last stop on the Canadian portion of its tour is New Brunswick’s own Moncton. And audiences are held rapt for a reason. They saved the best for last.

John Fuller of Autochoice prepares to drive through the course.

When Tenneco’s popular Tenneco Technology Tour (T3) and Monroe Ride and Drive technical training experiences rolled into Moncton September 8, it attracted 276 aftermarket professionals to its final stop on a substantial North American tour.

Tenneco’s program for North American automotive technicians and parts professionals was expected to reach more than 8,000 participants over the course of a nearly 40-city schedule.

The Technology Tour and Ride-and-Drive program enables technicians to experience the ride and handling differences in popular late-model vehicles equipped with new ride control components and identical vehicles fitted with worn shocks and struts. This interactive experience includes the fleet of test vehicles, a specially designed test track, a training area for detailed diagnostic instruction, and a broad range of technical displays Monroe’s ASE Master-certified instructors help participants learn how to explain to consumers the value of ride control replacement. Other technical content covers exhaust and emission control services, including opportunities in the performance exhaust category.

St John’s participants waiting to go!

Between tour stops and throughout the year, Monroe field training professionals and sales team members provide on-site technical education in hundreds of additional locations like automotive technical schools and a variety of industry events.

The training is a great tool not just for technicians but service writers, parts counter people as well, explains Mike Boudreau, area sales manager for Atlantic Canada via email.

“Everyone who attends drives the vehicles. We have three people travelling together as we have six vehicles. In our case we had two Grand Caravans, two Toyota Sequoias and two Mercedes.  The two vehicles have the same mileage and one has worn out ride control while the other has new Monroe replacement shocks or struts.

Sydney Gay training the class in Moncton

“People were amazed at the difference in handling especially on the Caravans as you can imagine how many of these are on the road today. What happens is your ride control wears out slowly over time and you get used to the way the vehicle handles. We see it all the time where somebody had put on new shocks and struts and are amazed at how much better their vehicle rides and handles  These are the people that have to explain to our customers why they need their ride control replaced,” he says.

Trainer Sydney Gay really held the audience rapt with the aid of a four foot tall shock absorber. He talked not only about worn ride control but also the “Safety Triangle.” Boudreau describes the three pillars as, “Steering, Stopping and Stability” and emphasizes that if your wheels are not in contact with the road upon braking it will take you longer to stop. In some cases up to three meters longer with just one worn out unit on the vehicle.  

Tenneco’s Mike Boudreau giving instructions to a driver as he enters the course in Moncton

He notes that over one million opportunities for repairs were missed last year alone. Ride control jobs that could have been performed, weren’t, and over 60 per cent of vehicles on the road wind up in the scrap yard with the original ride control still in them.

With information like that, it’s no wonder the T3 event is so successful and a vital forum for knowledge exchange.

The T3 event in Moncton was actually the largest turnout in Canada, and ranked seventh overall in terms of attendance during the North American tour. There were 45 events throughout the tour, which began in Florida at the beginning of this year. Moncton marked the final Canadian destination during a tour that wrapped up in Tennessee later in September. For more information visit

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