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Minister Provides Update on PEI’S 2010 Construction Season

The 2010 construction season continues with the start of reconstruction August 10 on Route 26 - Stratford Road from Barkley Avenue to Keppoch Road, says Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal Ron MacKinley.  

“Creating safer and more efficient ways for people and products to travel across Prince Edward Island is an important part of this government’s commitment to creating One Island Community,” said Minister MacKinley. “The 2010 Capital Budget reflects this commitment with an unprecedented investment in our Island roads and bridges.” This year’s budget allocated $56 million towards the 2010 construction season. Among the major projects that have been completed are Route 1A - Wilmot, Route 2 - Springfield, and the Priest Bond Bridge replacement.

Work currently underway includes improvements to Route 2 - Alma/Elmsdale, Trans Canada Highway - Riverside Drive, and Route 2 - Rollo Bay.

Other projects scheduled to begin this construction season include Route 2 - O’Leary Roundabout, Route 2 - Canavoy, and the replacement of the St. Peters Bridge. “Road and bridge construction renews provincial highway infrastructure and improves highway safety,” said Minister MacKinley. “We thank motorists for their patience as road crews work to complete these major projects.” A list of all projects taking place during the 2010 construction season can be found at and the road construction map can be viewed at


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