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NAPA AUTOPRO Major Prize Winners!

Winner Peter Mackinnon (left) and Paul Kelly- Fall River Service Center

Loyalty has it’s rewards and for Peter MacKinnon, a regular customer at Fall River NS NAPA AUTOPRO, his allegiance comes in the form of a brand new Toshiba LCD-TV! MacKinnon regularly services his vehicle at Fall River NAPA Autopro and thus entered NAPA AUTOPRO “Service & Win” campaign. Other LG-LCD TV winners include, from the Magdalen Islands, Norm Lebel, prize presented by NAPA AUTOPRO Madeleine Automobiles owner Elie Chevrier. NAPA AUTOPRO also congratulates more LG-TV winners:  n Kim St. Pierre - Brian Pellerin's NAPA AUTOPRO, Moncton, NB n Coleen Fry  - Tommy's Auto Tech NAPA AUTOPRO, St. John's, NL n Scott Logan - Yuille Auto-Works NAPA AUTOPRO, Dartmouth, NS.


BMW retail centre opening in Moncton

BMW Group Canada has announced plans to open a new BMW and Mini retail outlet in the Greater Moncton Area of New Brunswick. The new centre is expected to be completed in 2008, and will represent BMW’s 40th and Mini’s 23rd Canadian retail centre. BMW has selected Lounsbury Company Limited to own and operate the new facility; the Lounsbury name is renowned in New Brunswick and the surrounding area, where it has operated numerous successful businesses since 1878. Further details on the exact location will be announced in the coming months.


Daytona 500 events

The Daytona 500 is an annual rite of winter in Atlantic Canada and obviously much more comfortable if you’re actually there! Nonetheless, to break up the February cold snap, a number of Daytona bashes were held where race fans and friends could gather and watch the big race.

NAPA Fredericton’s Lisa Donovan, Dwight Everett (of EVERETT’S SHELL), Tammy Crandall and Cheryl Sweeney

In Bridgewater, NS - the Michelin Social Club hosted an event which attracted over a hundred people. The NAPA Booth was front and center with NAPA’s Gary Conrad all decked out with the Michael Waltrip leather jacket - (photo below).

In Fredericton, NB - NAPA Fredericton hosted a large gathering at Dooly’s, in what is also becoming an annual event with snacks, prizes, racing simulators and a great afternoon was enjoyed by all! And in St. John’s, NL, the local NAPA Automotive stores also hosted an event at Dooly’s with over 120 customers and staff attending.


NAPA Brake & Chassis contest winner!

For his continued participation and support of the various NAPA Brake & Chassis promotions, Moncton area NAPA AUTOPRO Brian Pellerin is a regional winner in the EXTREME #2 Brake-Chassis contest. Pellerin was awarded $2000-dollars of NAPA ULTRAPRO Tools of his choice.Pellerin’s Rust Check - OK Tire NAPA AUTOPRO is a full-service facility, on Lewisville Road in Moncton.

L to R- Alan Rogers-NAPA Moncton; Winner-Brian Pellerin; Don leblanc- NAPA Brake & Chassis

Pellerin’s Rust Check - OK Tire NAPA AUTOPRO


What’s new in Atlantica

xBy Ed MacDonald

Well, we made it on National Television! There has been an ever increasing theft problem over the last year. In concert with Darryl Morgan, RCMP, we explained the thefts of Catalytic Converters, Copper and Aluminum wheels. This was aired across Canada on CBC and Global during prime time.

Now that we have alerted everyone we are hopeful that the awareness will curtail the thieves’ actions. As of this writing, surprisingly, it seems to be working. Interestingly enough, in some places in the US they are struggling with stolen shopping carts and man-hole covers.

Car Heaven - A program developed to reduce the number of polluting vehicles is very much alive and well in ATLANTICA.

There have been literally hundreds of autos donated by the public, traded at GM Dealerships in exchange for a $1000.00 rebate on a new vehicle. We get good recyclable vehicles at a good price, the donor gets a new vehicle, a rebate, and the Environment gets a relief from less pollution. Thus far literally hundreds of these vehicles have been collected by our members and the program has only just begun!

I suspect the figures will climb into the thousands. Way to go recyclers. You really are doing your part as good stewards of the environment. The CAA has just given their prestigious Pyramid Award to General Motors and The Clean Air Foundation for their efforts in reducing pollutants through the Car Heaven Program. Our affiliate association out west is expected to roll out this program in the spring.

Wasn’t it a wonderful winter, hardly any snow, sleet or storms? Then why have the number of written off vehicles gone up by at least 20%? Could it be that people keep forgetting how to drive due to the lack of bad weather? Or is it because of the shortage of qualified repairers, causing a backlog and therefore more vehicles are being written off by the Insurance industry. What do you think?

The Auto Recyclers of Canada Directors meeting recently discussed the topic of the price of steel or flat bodies as they say in the industry. Interestingly, the price in Atlantic Canada is averaging in the $150.00 mark, about the same out west, but in Ontario, Quebec and British Colombia it is well over the $200.00 mark. From all indicators, there may be a slight leveling off but the price is expected to stay high throughout the year. Good news for us.

The Auto Recyclers of Atlantic Canada (ARAAC) are actively involved in a number of activities over the last while. We have set up a meeting with Jamie Muir, Minister in an attempt to regularize the branding program. Written off vehicles have a branded designation but there have been discrepancies in it’s implementation. Approximately 30% of all vehicles are inappropriately branded.

Many are designated non-repairable and should be repairable, some have little or no damage and shouldn’t are branded, and still others are being identified as repairable when it is obvious that they should never go back on the road. We are hopeful that a solution to this will be forthcoming.

How about some trivia:

Did you know that the total scrap steel recycled world wide was 445 million tons in 2005
Scientists are developing a method of producing diesel fuel from shredder fluff
The Car Heaven has removed over 12,000 higher polluting vehicles
Maritime Auto Salvage is 75 years young in 2007


Look for the “hot off the press” first edition of Canadian Auto Recyclers Magazine soon to be mailed to each one of you. ARAAC is part of it. This first edition, touted as “The Key” to the Auto Recycling Market, was rolled out at the February Canadian Collision Industry Forum meeting in Toronto. To say that it was well received is truly an understatement.
Be proud that you are participants in a magazine dedicated to progressive recycling in Canada.

As Gloria Mann of Collision Repair Magazine states “Right now Canadians have an insatiable appetite for clean environmental legislation and having had the opportunity to visit auto recycling facilities from coast to coast I can definitely say the Canadian recycling industry is right there with them”

An interesting development is happening in British Colombia. In their attempt to curb hot or stolen parts which have become a major concern for Insurance companies worldwide.
Effective may 1 2007 all recyclers who sell parts for claims must indicate the VIN of the donor vehicles on their invoices According to statistics, recycled auto parts are a major target for organized crime rings as the parts are easy to sell and very hard to trace. Work hard, stay healthy, and enjoy your family.

Editor’s Note: Ed MacDonald is President of Maritime Auto Salvage as well as President of ARAAC.


ACME Sales & Warehouse to represent Specialty Parts

Mr. Gary Double, Vice Pres. Specialty Parts (Mfg) Inc., is pleased to announce the appointment of ACME Sales & Warehouse Ltd., Moncton NB as a Fee Warehouse. ACME will now be able to better serve our customers in Atlantic Canada. They will carry a number of our product lines and will answer any questions to these products. Our Atlantic Canada local sales representatives of National Sales Inc. will also be happy to answer customer enquiries. They may be contacted as follows: New Brunswick & PEI (Roy Cowan 506-779-8803); Nova Scotia (Darrell Hewey 902-434-9860); Newfoundland (Doug Druken 709-576-7223). Customers may also contact Gary Dpuble at or at 1-800-919-4566 ext 224