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11th Annual Automotive Industry Awards in Halifax, NS

The 11th Annual Automotive Industry Awards Evening took place February 17th, once again set in the beautiful Compass Room of Casino Nova Scotia, in Halifax. The turnout was fantastic with over 100 industry representatives and stakeholders in the Automotive Sector Council was proud to host the event and Shannon Smith, executive director, was master of ceremonies for the third year in a row where “Honouring the Employee” was the celebrated theme. 

The evening featured Tim Brennan, chief visionary of HiringSmart Canada Inc, as key note speaker. HiringSmart Canada Inc. and HiringSmart International Inc. provide over 1,200 organizations throughout North America with a resume-less “HiringSmart” system to improve efficiency, increase revenues and cut expenses. Tim is also a talented and engaging speaker, who finds himself in demand across Canada. He readily admits that he doesn’t have all the answers, but he does ask the right questions. His unique case-based seminars use real life examples to entertain and educate participants in a practical and memorable way.  Tim’s chosen topic for the evening was an entertaining and perceptive look at the new generation of “kidployees” in the workplace.
Following Tim’s presentation was the opportunity to recognize recent graduates of Rui Martin’s automotive professional development course.  Rui has developed Business Management Process courses directed at owners, managers, and employees of automotive shops, which have proven techniques and methods for achieving results.  His courses address the creation of specific processes and changes that must happen in unison to transform a shop from survival to prosperity.

His graduates were presented with their certificates at the event.

Employee Business
Natalie Horne Don McNeill’s Shell
Doreen Hudder Don McNeill’s Shell
Carl Barr Don McNeill’s Shell
Phil Downs Don McNeill’s Shell
Kevin Boudreau Don McNeill’s Shell
Nathan McMichael Don McNeill’s Shell
Cory Grant Don McNeill’s Shell
Darleen Assoun Paul Brown’s Auto Service
Scott Giffin Coast Tire & Auto Service

The next part of the program was to Honour the Employee and there were seven such recipients of this prestigious recognition.   Each was called to the podium to receive their Certificate of Employee Appreciation Award which recognized their outstanding contribution to their business, their commitment to customer service and exemplary leadership qualities displayed within their workplace. 

Awards were given to employees from five industry employers;   

Honouries Business
Don Worsley Coast Tire & Auto
Kevin Millett Coast Tire & Auto  
Brent Cavicchi Hammonds Plains SVc CTR
Mark Elliot Hammonds Plains SVc CTR
Darlene Assoun Paul Brown’s AutoService
Chuck Hughes Blaikie’s Dodge
Merritt Morris Canavans Central Appraisals

As a twist to the theme of Honouring the Employee, the team from Hammonds Plains Service Centre took the opportunity to recognize the owner of Hammonds Plains Service Centre. The award for Industry Capacity Building was presented to a surprised Vernon Kynock “a guy who has not been a great employee, but a wonderful employer”. Nikki Barnett, program coordinator of the Sector Council, presented the prizes donated by Medavie Blue Cross to prize recipients Beth McNeill from  Don McNeill’s Shell and Sue Regan from Auto Atlantic magazine.  Other lucky prize winners included Roy MacNeil and Laird Allen from NSCC, Richard Sharpe from Apprenticeship and Brent Cavicchi from Hammonds Plains Service Center.   Also presented were the Scholarship Award winners; Curtis MacLellan, recipient of the CRANS Scholarship in the amount of $500, and Lori Ann Hatt, recipient of the ATA Scholarship in the amount of $2000. 

As executive director Shannon Smith expressed her appreciation to those in attendance, and pointed out that there were many associations and sectors represented that evening - the Automobile Dealers, the Insurance Appraisers Association of NS, the Automotive Recyclers Association and of course the Automotive Trades Association,  Retail Gasoline Dealers and Collision Repair Association of Nova Scotia. She commented that “The Automotive Sector Council relies on these partnerships and connections to truly make a difference in our industry. Associations such as the Native Council of Nova Scotia, and the team from Women Unlimited are the groups who help build projects that are relevant to human resource planning and development to the automotive industry. Ms. Smith extended her thanks to the event sponsors listed below who made the event possible and to Peter Dubee who photographed the evening.

Event sponsors were;
AutoChoice Parts & Paint
A.P. Reid Insurance
Automotive Trades Association of NS
Canavans Central Appraisals
Collision Repair Association of NS
cars Council
Coast Tire & Auto Service
Apprenticeship Nova Scotia
Medavie Blue Cross
Nova Scotia Community College
Steele Auto Group
Sonic Independent
Parkland Industries
Palmer Atlantic
Hiring Smart

To finish off the evening $100 Door Prizes were drawn and the lucky winners were Ed MacDonald from Maritime,Auto Salvage and Rui Martins from RISE consulting,
On behalf of the Automotive Sector Council of NS, industry partners and stakeholders, Shannon Smith  reiterated that it was a truly enjoyable and entertaining evening that highlighted industry’s capacity to come together and celebrate important milestones. Delegates were reminded that the next Automotive Sector Council event will be the 2011 Automotive Training Expo on June 17th and 18th at Holiday Inn Harbourview in Dartmouth. Mark your calendars!  

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