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ASEP NSCC Nova Scotia Graduates

The Automotive Service educationProgram (ASEP) is a co-operative apprenticeship Training Program that represents a unique collaboration between General Motors of Canada, Provinc ial governments and Community Colleges.

nscc 01
Kevin Gerrior (NSCC)

By working in co-operation with the Nova Scotia Community College, the Department of Education Apprenticeship Division and General Motors with their dealership network, the ASEP program provides a dynamic in depth program of formal study and practical experience.

General Motors wanted a more intense apprenticeship training, using current model year information, technology and equipment, which is all supplied by GM. Keeping up with rapidly-changing technology is difficult without the support of an automobile manufacture. ASEP is meeting the demand for highly qualified automobile technicians.

In 1989 the first ASEP class of 15 students started in Nova Scotia at the NSCC Institute of Technology Campus where the General Motors Product Service Training was also taking place.

General Motors has supplied special tools, equipment, vehicles and about 25 GM courses for training the ASEP students. Along with these GM courses the In Dealership Work Assignments are to be completed at the Dealership, corresponding
to the courses done in class that previous term.

All of the regular apprenticeship training courses are also met to complete the apprenticeship training requirements. In a two-year period, the student will alternate between college training (apprenticeship and GM courses) and Dealership hands on work experience.

In 20 years 185 students have entered the ASEP program with 143 students graduated or currently in the program. In the early years there were 28 GM dealers, but has shrunk over the years to 15 dealers. Many of the ASEP graduates are still working as technicians today in GM dealers, moved on to own their own businesses, work as shop foreman or service managers and teaching in the NSCC automotive program.

After becoming a journeyperson in this compulsory certified trade, they can continue their upgrading by taking more GM courses on changing technology. The ASEP program has been emulated by other manufacturers so they too can have highly trained individuals repairing their vehicles.

To enter the ASEP training program grade 12 is required and a pre-apprenticeship program completed or block one of Apprenticeship, registered as an Apprentice and working at a GM Dealership that is willing to sponsor them in the ASEP program. For further information on this program please contact the NSCC Akerley Campus or Ray Crooks at 902 491-4504 or

The ASEP Class 15P finished their program in February 2010 and ASEP Class 16Q finished their first term December 18 2009. Class 14N concluded a graduation, December 20 2009. Some of the highlights of that event are as follows. Richard Sharp spoke representing the Department of Education Apprenticeship Division.

Kevin Gerrior spoke representing the NSCC. ASEP graduating certificates and jackets (jackets purchased by the dealers) were handed out by Roy MacNeil (Department Chair for the Transportation and Industrial Technologies Department) and Ray Crooks (ASEP Instructor). One of the students pictured here is Heather Miles from Bonnyman Pontiac receiving her jacket and certificate.

The second female to graduate the ASEP program. Top student received a fluke meter, amp clamp and ASEP watch from GM presented to David O’Hearn from MacPhee Pontiac by Roy MacNeil
and Ray Crooks. Second and third students Matthew Tamlyn and Andrew Curren from O’Regans Chev. received a ASEP watch from GM. The ASEP program gives the technician the information necessary to
succeed in their future endeavours.

nscc 02

Graduation Class 2010 ASEP

Class list of names and dealerships:

Jeff Bonn Forbes Chev.
Ryan Charlton Forbes Chev.
Andrew Curren O’Regans Chev.
Graham Denty Carroll Pontiac
Kenneth Deon Eastern Auto
Lewis Donovan Murray GM
Tyler Fulton Bodertown
Jeramie Kelly MacPhee Pontiac
Devin Matthews MacPhee Pontiac
Heather Miles Bonnyman Pontiac
David O’Hearn MacPhee Pontiac
Matthew Tamlyn O’Regans Chev.

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