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Fix Auto Expands Into the Atlantic Region

Fix Auto is an international banner of body shops, which had its start in 1992 with 12 shops in Quebec, and now holds an international roster of 252 locations. The network just recently decided to expand into the Atlantic provinces of Canada.

fix auto 01

Fix Has Arrived in PEI!

Despite the network’s highly successful international expansion over the last few years, the decision to develop in Atlantic Canada came after president Fix Auto Ontario Steve Leal purchased the territory
rights for the Atlantic provinces and the rights to expand the network.

Having been only assigned to the presidential
role of Fix Auto Ontario one year earlier, Leal called the action to develop in
the Atlantic necessary and critical.

“The expansion will provide a winning formula of success to the Atlantic market and assist individual shops to become more successful based upon our systems and proven track record. We are very excited to bring our strong brand and tools to assist shops in the Atlantic provinces, enabling them to become part of a larger entity, explains Leal.

Following this move, it didn’t take long before Fix Auto’s presence was seen in the East coast with the re-branding and conversion of the well-respected and established body shop in Prince Edward Island. Formerly known as Weeks Auto Body, now rebranded as Fix Auto Prince Edward Island Central, the shop was the first in the Atlantic region to join the network in 2009.

The decision to join the Fix Auto network came easy for Paul Weeks, owner of Fix Auto Prince Edward Island Central, and Marvin Weeks, the shop’s general manager, after meeting with Todd Noble,
development manager and Steve Leal.

“Times are changing and the consolidation of body shops is the reality of today,” said Paul Weeks. “Strong representation is becoming harder and harder in front of insurance companies. Fix Auto has the resources to allow us to maintain and even raise the bar on our dedication to the consumer and insurance industry,” Weeks explains.

Recently, Todd Noble, development manager for Fix Auto Ontario was appointed to the position of development manager in the Atlantic provinces. No stranger to the body shop industry, Noble brings a lot of insight and knowledge about the collision repair industry and strongly relates to other body shop managers and owners.

As a former body shop manager himself, Noble started his career in the collision repair industry by managing body shops. He then took on a position at the management level for a national body shop network banner and eventually made the move over to Fix Auto.

“It is no doubt that joining a banner network is an important decision for a body shop which affects long term success.

“But before joining, major factors have to be considered. For example, does the network provide the necessary tools to meet the constant challenges of the industry, such as improvement of their brand image and increasing the value of their company? Does it give the body shop owner or manager the ability to have a voice among insurers and to respond to requests from increasingly demanding customers in terms of service and quality, while ensuring the profitability of the body shop and fair cost to the insurer?

Also, very importantly, the network must provide access to tools of performance management and continuous operational and marketing support,” explains Noble.

fix auto 02

All Bridges Lead to Fix in PEI

“A network’s name and its team can help a shop to take them into the next generation, communicate their brand to the general public, put sales and marketing
in between the shop and insurance and provide them with sought-after technology by insurance partners while providing ongoing operations support. At Fix Auto this is the reality for each body shop in the network.”

Fix Auto’s impressive 99.08% customer satisfaction rating and ongoing international growth success continue to earn them a positive reputation and a leadership position in the industry. The network’s national team consisting of dynamic marketing, sales and operations all work hard together to support all franchisees and grow the network while sharing the same mission – quality and performance.

Nevertheless, Fix Auto is quite strict on which shop they sign to be part of their network roster and the initial process usually consists of several meetings, including one with the president of Fix Auto Atlantic Canada – Steve Leal.

“We are very selective when choosing body shops to join the Fix Auto network so that the image projected by the Fix Auto network as a whole is uniform and respected. Through our selective process we have established our credibility in front of our insurer partners and attract the interest of the best body shops in the industry,” explains Noble.

For the Weeks brothers from Fix Auto Prince Edward Island Central, there was no looking back after joining. Being part of the network has awarded them many
successes and accomplishments while helping them take their already successful and reputable shop to another level.

“They have a corporate philosophy of transparency between the shop, network and insurers and this in turn brings confidence from consumers and insurance partners. They are a brand that conveys the passion and professionalism of our industry,” says Paul Weeks. “They are truly proactive in the industry and with all the advantages that the network provides to an independent shop they really stand out against the competition.”

Fix Auto is an international network of body shops all maintaining the same standards of quality, ethics and performance. With over 170 locations across Canada and over 250 internationally, Fix Auto is the largest body shop network in Canada. For more information, please visit

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