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National CCA carwash events

The Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Carwash Association will be held Thursday, April 23, 2009 at the Playdium in Mississauga, ONtario

The CCA event includes a dinner, social event and networking. Join colleagues for a night of hitting it out of the park at spring training in the batting cages, strike it big in the bowling lanes or simply enjoy an opportunity to network with fellow carwash operators and key suppliers to the carwash industry. A notice will be mailed to all CCA members and details and registration information is available on our website or call the National Office at 416-239-0339.

Drive for success
Annual Golf Tournament and Networking Event. The annual Canadian Carwash Association golf tournament in Ontario is being held again this year at the Richmond Hill Golf Club on Wednesday, September 16, 2009. The day begins with a networking buffet lunch, followed by “Scramble” format golf with a shotgun start at 1 p.m. and then a presentation dinner with a prize table draw and 50/50 raffle. Included in the registration fee are: a complimentary basket of balls at the driving range; a buffet lunch; greens fee; power cart and a fabulous dinner.

Sign up a few foursomes to impress your clients, connect with your industry colleagues and support Trout Unlimited Canada’s Yellow Fish Road program. Proceeds of the raffle are donated to Yellow Fish Road. Thanks to the generosity of numerous supplier sponsors, the registration fee for carwash operators is subsidized.

To receive a registration form or to obtain further information, please call the CCA National Office at 416-239-0339 or visit their website at National results for the fourth quarter of 2008 reveal that 882 carwashes reported wash volumes of 4,363,662 cycles; average quarterly revenues per site of $37,128 and average revenues per cycle of $7.50. Average cycles per site dropped by 9% to 4,947 over last year. Total wash cycles figures represent a 5% decrease in wash cycles from the fourth quarter of 2007 and a 5% decrease in average revenues per site, and a decrease of 5% in total carwash revenues per site. The average revenue per cycle did increase 5.4% from fourth quarter 2007 to 2008.

However, regional variances for total cycles show that the Greater Toronto Region was down 20.3% while the rest of the province of Ontario matched the national average decrease of 13%. British Columbia increased by 8% over last year, Alberta was down 9.7% and the Prairies were just above the national average decrease at 11.1%. Quebec overall was down 16.8% while the Atlantic region was down 11.1 %. The annual number of total wash cycles dropped 13.2% from 24,417,248 in 2007 to 21,188,150 in 2008.

The WVR program provides participants with both national and regional reports on a quarterly basis showing monthly wash volumes by participant (number of wash cycles) and aggregate revenues, average revenue per wash, trend information, wash and industry totals, including benchmarking data for carwash sites and companies. The reports assist participants to determine market share and industry performance. Reports are prepared in 14 regions of the country.

CCA Wash Volume Reports allow participating members to compare their carwash operations performance with that of other similar operators both locally and nationally, identify seasonal variations, assess the performance of their business, understand how the overall carwash market is performing and make informed decisions regarding new locations or expansion. The program is provided at no cost to participating CCA members.

The Canadian Carwash Association’s (CCA) market research program for its members provides reliable data, collected and analyzed by Kent Marketing Services Limited, on the carwash industry in Canada. The Wash Volume Report (WVR) program, launched in 2004 and developed exclusively for the CCA, gives members the ability to monitor data to determine if their sales are being influenced by site selection, marketing, weather or other economic factors.

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