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Industry supports auto glass technician trade designation

Over the past year, Automotive Glass Repair business owners and managers have taken the opportunity to express their support for or against designating the Automotive Glass Technician as a professional trade under the Provincial Apprenticeship Trades and Qualification Act.  This research study is supported and directed by a provincial Industry Committee consisting of independent, franchise and corporate companies.

The Automotive Glass technician could be the fifth automotive occupation to be designated in the Province of Nova Scotia. NS would also be the fourth province to recognize the occupation within the Apprenticeship system. Industry views were gathered through surveys, regional communication meetings and one-on-one business calls by the NS Automotive Sector Council. The collection of data was analyzed and presented by an independent research firm for validation to the Committee in February 2008.

The results indicated 82% of employers support trade designation, while four employers opposed. There was a fairly equal balance between whether the occupation should be voluntary or compulsory certified. (However, under the Provincial Apprenticeship Act, when a trade is designated, it is voluntary until the Industry applies for compulsory certification.) Other findings revealed that 82% envision the trade to be independent from the Motor Vehicle Body Repair (metal and paint) trade. There was a strong favour towards local, modular training between January and March. Two primary concerns were raised: first, how designation might impact independent shops and secondly how employers would encourage experienced technicians to agree to reach certification and/or participate in training. It was very clear, that industry's desire is to improve safety for the motoring public, professionalize the industry through enhanced training and performance standards, and create a career pathway for new apprentices.

Auto glass repair
Ready to be designated in Nova Scotia!

Similar to the Collision Repair Certification Strategy, the automotive glass industry, through its provincial industry committee, will submit an application to the Apprenticeship Board in 2008, to request the Automotive Glass Technician be recognized as a voluntary trade in Nova Scotia.

With changing vehicle technology and processes, increasing demand for service, and a proactive human resource strategy, the future of the automotive glass industry is in a state of growth. The direction of the industry will be evident by the support, collaboration and leadership from industry representatives. To support the trade designation application, a workforce demographic study and the development of a training framework may proceed in 2008. 

For more information on trade designation, businesses may contact Corrie Robley, Executive Director, NS Automotive Human Resource Sector Council at 1-877-860-3805. 

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