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National Energy Equipment to distribute Forecourt products

Gorrie Marketing Services and National Energy Equipment of Mississauga, ON, announce a new partnership to bring national distribution of Forecourt Merchandising and Convenience products to better serve customers in the Petroleum Retail market for every province in Canada.

For over 30 years Forecourt Solutions has been recognized as the industry leader in unique merchandising displays and service products. Offering a complete line of versatile and durable outdoor service products for waste, spill containment, recycling, windshield cleaning, combination waste/windshield service, merchandising and signage.

Andrew Souvaliotis, President and CEO “This new distribution partnership between NEE and Gorrie brings great additional value to the independent petroleum retailers by providing simple and quick access to our line of leading-edge exterior merchandising products.”

As the largest equipment distributor in Canada to the Retail Petroleum market, with 14 warehouse and sales locations in Canada, National Energy Equipment provides coast-to-coast coverage and expertise for a vast array of products and services to the industry. “We are looking forward to offering customers a convenient and local source for forecourt merchandising products. Our account representatives will assist customers with layout and designs for new builds, renovations and maintenance.

Popular items will be available from our stock for immediate shipment” explains Tiina McCombie, Marketing Director. To contact your local NEE branch call Toll Free 1-866-574-5100.


Save Steps with
Two-Post Lifts

Dual controls on Rotary lifts with inbay increase productivity, convenience
Based on extensive customer input, Rotary has updated its popular two-post vehicle lifts equipped with inbay technology. All Rotary Lift two-post lifts with inbay feature dual controls (one on each post) now with technician-approved mechanical push buttons.

Dual controls are more convenient for technicians and they increase productivity, explains Bob Ford, Rotary product manager. “We have found that technicians using Rotary Lift two-post lifts with dual controls save an average of 13 steps every time they want to raise or lower the lift, because they don’t have to walk all the way around the vehicle. They can just use whichever control panel is closest.”

Other features of inbay include one-touch controls, integrated air/electrical connections, a standard OSHA-compliant lockable disconnect switch, and a power unit that is located at the top of the post, out of the way. Rotary Lift two-post lifts are available with both true symmetrical and true asymmetrical column orientations. Lift capacities range from 7,000 lbs. to 18,000 lbs., making it possible to service a wide range of vehicles, from passenger cars to commercial trucks.

Rotary Lift two-post lifts can be ordered with two-stage arms equipped with three-position adapters or with three-stage arms that increase the overall arm sweep and reach for lifting vehicles with uni-body construction, visually marked pick-up points, wider tread width and lower profile or a wheelbase that is unusually short or long. Three-stage arms use polymer adapters to prevent metal-on-metal contact, thus protecting the vehicle’s pick-up points.

Most Rotary Lift two-post lifts are ETL tested and certified by the Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) to meet or exceed ANSI standards. They are built with Rotary’s patented “Double S” single-piece construction column design to maximize column strength as well as the surface contact area of the self-lubricating slider bearing blocks. Unlike most other lifts, Rotary Lift power units are designed and built by Rotary in the United States, specifically for Rotary lifts. Other manufacturers use third-party power units designed for universal applications.

For more information about Rotary Lift two-post lifts, or any other Rotary Lift products or services, contact your local distributor, call (800) 640-5438 or visit Rotary online here.


Class 8 Truck Canadian Sales Trends

By Mike Harlow (Atlantic Cat)

In 2005, Class 8 truck monthly sales records were broken, however 4th quarter sales indicated a softer purchasing cycle. The owner operator and fleet demand for new trucks remains high as buying cycles seem to have been extended when compared to recent years.

It appears that most manufactures have worked their way through additional parts and material supply demands in early 2005 as production increased. Manufacturing has been peaked since early summer, and continues to maintain a steady pace into 2006.

The Maritimes remained strong in Class 8 deliveries through October 2005 Year to date. Deliveries were up 14% over October 2004 Year to date. Analyses predict 2006 will be another growth year with Class 8 sales expected to increase an additional 15% over 2005 record sales. It is anticipated, both 3rd and 4th quarter Class 8 sales will reach record capacities, while the 1st and 2nd quarters will remain flat in Atlantic Canada. Visit Atlantic CAT here.


National Energy Equipment,
successful growth since 1947

National Energy Equipment is currently the largest distributor of energy equipment products in Canada.What began from humble beginnings, with a single office in Western Canada, NEE has evolved, through acquisitions, amalgamations and the opening of new divisions, into a national company with more than 300 employees encompassing 14 branches from Vancouver Island to Newfoundland.

The company’s biggest move occurred in 2002, when they purchased RNG Distribution, along with the western operations of RNG Service. With that move, NEE became the largest distributor of energy equipment products in Canada, a major player in Petroleum, Propane and Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning products and services.

Head Office in Mississauga, ON

As stated on their web site, NEE’s mission - “To enhance our customer’s success by providing reliable equipment, professional services, and excellence in customer service.” - Gives a good idea of what the company is all about.

Chief Operating Officer Nama Namasivayam, outlines the company’s philosophy as follows:
“National Energy Equipment Inc. ‘NEE’ prides itself on delivering the highest quality and best value to our Customers. This philosophy has helped us grow into the largest distributor of energy products in Canada.”
“As our many satisfied Customers have come to know, National Energy Equipment Inc. offers not only products and services you can depend on, but also a convenient, cost-effective partnership that will help your business grow.”

Dartmouth, NS location

Tiina McCombie, National Marketing Director tells Auto Atlantic “Our success is all about our people. We believe we have the best people in the industry and I consider them our greatest asset. Our people coast to coast are the ones who make it happen each and every day. Our CANDO standards exemplify our attitude and expectations for Operational Excellence. We also try to have fun. With the long hours and stresses everyone works under in today’s business environment, taking some time to share a few laughs and say thank you is important. We hope your readers are enjoying the crossword puzzle and the chance to win a prize to share some fun with family and friends.”

Check out this editions contest on page 77. NEE provides a full range of product lines and services, too long to be listed here, but suffice to say, if a customer needs it, NEE can supply it.

From storage tanks to fuel dispensers; cylinders to regulators; pumps to meters; hot water tanks to furnaces; and truck services to field calibration.

An example of the wide range of products NEE carries is their new Propane Equipment catalogue at 235 pages; which an be ordered through any of their offices or viewed online here.

Field Service

NEE have partnerships with the world’s leading manufacturers of energy equipment products for representation in Canada. Some of these partnerships go back over 50 years which demonstrates NEE has the expertise and resources for long term recognition and stability as an industry leader.

As Tiina McCombie states “When other businesses look to NEE as the industry leader this places an added responsibility on us. Large Canadian companies such as Superior Propane, Home Depot, Imperial Oil, and Westfair Foods look to NEE for new ideas on how they can maximize performance of their systems and facilities while saving money and increasing return to their shareholders. Major manufacturers like Gilbarco, Trane and Franklin Electric look to NEE for ways to improve their products and service offerings to the market. Our people must always be at the top of their game to provide the level of expertise and communication expected when you’re being counted on by an entire industry, not just within your own back yard.”

Atlantic Canada branches are located in Moncton, NB, St. John’s, NL, Saint John, NB, with two locations in Dartmouth, NS and the regional office in Saint John, NB. Two of the new products NEE is introducing to Canada in 2006 are a Facility Energy Controller which will automate the operation of HVAC, Lighting and Refrigeration to lower energy costs for gas station/c-stores and an innovative new domestic Composite Propane Cylinder that will allow consumers to view tank levels without any gauge.

Being prepared for product changes and trends are some of the reasons for NEE’s success over the years.
NEE is a distribution wholesaler and sells many of its Propane and HVAC products only through dealers. “Having graphic design and marketing experts in house to support our customers is an advantage we offer our key dealers. Many of them do not have the time or resources for running promotions or advertising themselves. We provide them with our services to help them achieve business goals and growth within their local markets.” adds Tiina McCombie.

Providing customers with a complete solution is NEE’s market advantage. They deliver an unequaled level of distribution and service in this region, and being aligned with the major energy distributors, transporters, engineering firms, marketers, and contractors brings everyone in the industry together through the NEE network.