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xBy Dale H Mader

One of the major problems facing the automotive service and repair industry, as well as many other industries in Canada, is the fact that not enough Canadian young people are choosing skilled trades and technology as a career option. It is somewhat ironic that while many university graduates find it difficult to find meaningful career opportunities, too many employers identify difficulty in finding skilled labour as a serious problem.

It is also somewhat ironic that many skilled tradespeople now make six-figure incomes with excellent benefits. Skills/Compétences Canada is a national, not-for-profit organization, which works with employers, educators, labour groups and the government to reposition trade and technical careers as a first choice career option for Canadian youth.

To help achieve its goals, annual Canadian Skills olympic-style Competitions are held in different cities across Canada. This year, the event will be held in Halifax at the World Trade & Convention Center, May 23 –28. Students will compete in practical challenges designed to test skills required in trade and technology professions, including autobody repair, automotive service, welding etc..

The competitions also allow students to access the latest technologies, and to interact with industry experts who will be at the competition. It promises to be a very interesting and important event, not only for our industry but many others as well. As a member of the WorldSkills organization, every two years Skills/Compétences Canada organizes “Team Canada”, selected from our national competition to compete at the world level. Over the span of four days, Canada’s top students and apprentices in skilled trades and technologies will compete against other young people from more than 35 other countries for gold, silver and bronze medals.

Speaking of gold medals, I think Auto Atlantic should be awarded a medal for the excellent Auto Atlantic web site Publisher Rob Alfers has introduced. You might want to bookmark and refer to it many times to stay in touch with Atlantic Canada’s only exclusive automotive industry magazine.

Dale H Mader
Managing Editor

You can contact Dale here.