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Letter from the Editor

“Green” is a Verb!

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Rob Alfers, Publisher, Auto Atlantic Magazine

It’s doubtful anthropologist Margaret Mead could have realized how relevant these prophetic words would be, when they were written decades before. Those same words echo the sentiment of organizations like The California Air Resources Board (CARB) which was one of the first to toughen standards for vehicle emissions. Although even tougher measures were rejected in 2008, they were successfully and recently approved by Barack Obama’s administration.

In Canada, transportation fuels account for one-third of our carbon footprint but provinces are responding with policies of their own. Quebec has the most comprehensive CO2 reduction plan and the Atlantic provinces are following suit. New Brunswick recently decided to implement California’s vehicle standard laws on all new vehicles sold by 2012 and has also introduced a policy of using a five per cent ethanol blend in gasoline and diesel for this year. PEI’s plan includes a goal of reducing 53,000 CO2 tonnes - the equivalent of taking 10,000 cars off the road - annually by 2017.

Clearly, the rules are changing. Clearly, manufacturers are bowing to consumer demand. We here at Auto Atlantic are committed to reflecting those changes and keeping you informed. That’s emphasized in several “greener” stories this issue.

First up, Dave Giles sheds valuable light on the realities of reducing diesel particulate emissions (DPFs) in one of our key features. Elsewhere, we turn our attention to the growing interest in diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), which has successfully achieved up to 90% NOx conversion efficiency. This is having important results in terms of promoting more efficiency and it’s useful to have an understanding of this emerging, important material.

Speaking of awareness, don’t be surprised if you happen to see us in some unexpected places. That’s because we’ve expanded our mailing list to include over 500 new businesses throughout the Atlantic region, including Quebec towns along the NB border, and as far away as that magical archipelago, The Magdalen Islands. We welcome and thank you all!

It all comes back to that group dynamic. Whether it’s a small, tightly-knit community, or a far-flung cyber network of like-minded individuals working together for a common cause, the energy of the people makes change happen and gets the messaging out. Here’s to making it happen!

Carter Hammett

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