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Pictou County, NS Mom Receives Ultimate Christmas Gift

Tracy Coady of Westville, received a newly refurbished 2008 Pontiac G6 as the ultimate Christmas present from Herron GMC. The presentation took place December 22 2010 at the Atlantic Car Choice Collision, 610 Westville Road, New Glasgow.

Each year the collision repair industry comes across cars that are “written off” by either the owner or the insurance company. Often these are vehicles that just need some minor mechanical and body work to get them road ready and perfectly safe to drive.

“Because we believe these cars are going to waste when there are people who really need them, we decided to do something about it” said Bob Withers, service manager at Herron. “This is our first time organizing a benevolence program and we hope to make this an annual event”.

Herron partnered with United Way of Pictou County to help identify a family in need of a reliable vehicle. “We are honored to be working with Herron on this program”, says Jessica Smith, executive director of United Way of Pictou County.

“Having this car mean so much more to Tracy than we could possible understand. Not only does this mean she does not have to worry about how she will get to school, get groceries, or even take her children to appointments, but it shows her, and others, what a truly supportive and giving community Pictou County really is.”

A call for nominations was sent to some of the agencies funded by the United Way and nominations were reviewed by staff of Herron. “We are very fortunate to have wonderful organizations here that do provide support and encouragement to our families. It was Big Brothers Big Sisters who nominated Tracy for this ultimate Christmas gift,” says Smith. “She is a single mother of two children aged 5 and 9. It was from working with Tracy and her family that Big Brothers Big Sisters developed a relationship of trust, understanding and friendship.”

Tracy and her family did not know they were receiving the vehicle. They were picked up in a limo and Tracy was blindfolded to keep her in suspense. A video of the “big reveal” is available on YouTube by searching Herron United Way.

Along with United Way, Herron has also partnered with Johnson Insurance, who are providing auto insurance, Akzo Nobel supplied the paint and clear coat, Andy’s Tire has donated a set of new tires, Apply Auto Glass installed a new windshield, and Blenkhorns Auto Recyclers, 3M, and NAPA Auto Parts donated body and mechanical parts. Withers also adds, “Many local organizations have also come aboard to provide additional surprises for Tracy and her family.

Central supplies donated a $100 gift card, Empire Theatres gave free movie and popcorn passes, Enterprise-Rent-A-Car gave $250 in Visa cards, the Dine and Dash Restaurant is giving them a family supper, Future Shop donated and installed a GPS, Salon 254 and Heidi Zinc are giving Tracy a manicure and pedicure, Sobeys donated $500 in gift cards, and the YMCA of Pictou County is providing them with a free family pass.”  

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