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Auto Atlantic’s new CNA bursary

A new bursary offered by Auto Atlantic Magazine will support a student who is pursuing a career in the automotive industry.

The $300 award will be given to a full time learner registered in the Automotive Service Technician entry level program at College of the North Atlantic and expected to graduate by June 2011.

Many students who head off to college are embarking on an adventure. Some will be living on their own for the first time, with all the freedom of being independent from their parents. Others will be changing careers or preparing for a return to the workforce. What most of them will have in common is that they will soon begin to amass a significant amount of debt.
At College of the North Atlantic, tuition fees are among the lowest in the country, but the cost of living still creates significant levels of student debt.

And while a high percentage of CNA students will find employment soon after graduation, many will still struggle to make their student loan payments as they begin their careers. That’s why the Auto Atlantic Magazine Bursary is so important. This kind of financial support can make the difference for someone to stay in their program.

To be eligible for the Auto Atlantic Magazine Bursary, students are required to complete an application, submit a financial statement, and provide a faculty recommendation and transcript or progress report. The deadline for applications is Friday, April 29, 2011. Applications and forms are available from Learner Services at College of the North Atlantic.

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