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Atlantic auto recyclers growing together

The Automotive Recyclers Association of Atlantic Canada (ARAAC) began its life many years ago as the Maritime Auto Wreckers Association. As the industry evolved, so did the name and the geographical mandate - from Wrecker to Recycler; from the Maritimes to all four Atlantic provinces.

Today, ARAAC represents 28 Members in all four provinces, along with 11 Associate Members who are suppliers to the industry. The association meets twice a year to discuss association business, industry trends and opportunities, and to meet and greet with their fellow Members. The auto recycling industry is unique in that sometime a recycler’s best customers is another auto recycler - you can’t possibly carry all of the inventory to satisfy your every customers request, and the industry has always had a variety of technologies to very quickly share data. Initially it was the telephone, then “hotlines” between recyclers (really just a 24/7 conference call), teletypes, satellites, and now the internet. Auto recyclers have been using “cloud computing” for over a decade to share their inventory with other recyclers, shops, insurers and the world in near real time. We’ve come a long way.

ARAAC is also part of the Automotive Recyclers of Canada (ARC) association which has recently secured contracts with Environment Canada to develop the National Code of Practice for Auto Recyclers, with full training and auditing to that increasingly important Code of Practice. ARC has developed and deployed a wide variety of vehicle retirement programs with Environment Canada, charities and increasingly a number of auto manufacturers themselves.

These vehicle acquisition programs greatly improve a recyclers access to quality “Green Parts,” which in turn make these parts more accessible to collision repairers, mechanical shops and the public. Through these programs, which are directly tied to the National Code of Practice, auto recyclers have received unprecedented media coverage and positive attention of governments of all levels.

ARAAC today is everything that is good about an industry association - creating value for its Members by creating programs and opportunities that could not be developed without a collective effort on behalf of the industry leaders. To locate an ARAAC Member selling Green Parts, or to become an ARAAC Member, go to  

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