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ATA expands Medavie Blue Cross service

The Automotive Trades Association is committed to helping members access the very best Group Health & Dental Insurance coverage available.  

Executive Director Graham Conrad states “we have had a very good insurance program with Medavie Blue Cross for some time now and at the recent Annual Meeting a decision was made to aggressively promote the program to the entire Automotive Industry

Left to Right: ATA Executive Director Graham Conrad, Lisa Joncas, Carlos Rodrigues and Lisa Guild from Medavie Blue Cross

Medavie Blue Cross provides us with the very best service levels within the Industry therefore, as a result of significant growth in participation, Medavie can now provide coverage at more favorable premium costs”. Conrad further states that working with Mr. Carlos Rodrigues, ATA Insurance Broker and Plan Manager, we have developed a new and exciting partnership agreement with Medavie Blue Cross and Ms. Lisa Joncas, President of L.J.I. Group Insurance. Lisa has been associated with the Insurance Industry for over 20 years.

As an independent insurance consultant Lisa is able to review many various programs available and to recommend the most effective plans to her clients. Lisa’s portfolio of clients are in both Nova Scotia and New Brunswick and include automotive industry employers, and in particular, automotive dealerships. Email Lisa here. Together Carlos, Lisa and Medavie Blue Cross will expand communications and contact within the Industry to provide even better personalized service levels and at anticipated reduced premium costs.

Shown in photo with Carlos Rodrigues are right to left: Lisa Guild, Account Director for Medavie Blue Cross. Ms. Guild is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the A.T.A. Group Insurance Plan design and service. She provides local representation for Medavie Blue Cross subscribers especially for small group plans. Carlos Rodrigues has been A.T.A. Plan Manager since inception and is credited with growing the plan to this point whereby an expansion is now possible. Next to Carlos ® is Ms. Lisa Joncas, President of L.J.I. and a long time, well respected broker for Medavie Blues Cross. Next to Lisa is A.T.A. Executive Director Graham Conrad.

The involvement of Ms. Lisa Joncas to the A.T.A. Medavie Blue Cross Insurance Program is a very positive benefit to the Automotive Industry in Nova Scotia. Automotive Recyclers, Collision Repair Shops, Gasoline Retailers, Parts & Equipment Suppliers, Tire Dealers, Auto Car Dealerships and independents now have a new opportunity to join this Industry-wide program. For additional information on the plan, Email Carlos Rodrigues.

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