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Nova Scotia introduces prevention plan to curb workplace violence

According to Statistics Canada, one in five violent incidents in Canada, including physical assault, sexual assault and robbery, occur in the workplace. Workplace violence can affect the safety and security of every employee and business owner.

Convenience store, service station, and other employees in potentially high risk situations may soon see a reduction in such on the job incidents, through new legislation being introduced in Nova Scotia on April 1, 2008. The legislation, which covers most of the workplaces in the province, including convenience stores, gas stations, taxis, etc., would require business owners to adopt codes of practice designed to offer workers more protection against being robbed or attacked.

The legislation includes three codes of practice, which were developed by the NS Department of Environment and Labour after consulting stakeholders in various retail industries. Each code details preventive measures that are tailored to common risks in each industry sector. “Adoption of these codes of practice is optional,” said Mark Parent, NS Minister of Environment and Labour. “However, all businesses identified in the regulations must either adopt a code of practice or develop their own prevention plan to address their assessed risk.” By adopting an appropriate code of practice, businesses will comply with new occupational health and safety regulations taking effect on April 1. Codes of practice will be distributed by occupational health and safety officers, and can be obtained by calling 1-(800) 9-LABOUR or by visiting

This Cape Breton Shell should now be a safer place This Cape Breton Shell should now be a safer place

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