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NS auto industry showcase to school guidance counsellors

Nova Scotia’s automotive service and repair industry began 2008 with an exciting and unprecedented career event.

For the very first time, thirty (30) Halifax Regional School Board Jr. & Sr. High School guidance counsellors gathered at MacPhee Pontiac Buick, Portland Street, Dartmouth, NS (photo below) for their professional development day.

This group of counsellors are employed in schools throughout HRM that offer the new Department of Education Options and Opportunities program, an innovative program designed to introduce students to the world of work throughout their High School education. Their agenda included a welcome and introduction from Al MacPhee, owner of MacPhee Pontiac dealership, and President of NS Automobile Dealers Association. This was followed in the afternoon by a career presentation from Ms. Corrie Robley, Executive Director, Nova Scotia Automotive Human Resource Sector Council.

The Automotive Sector Council showcased the industry’s 45 professional careers with a tour of the dealership. “Bringing educators into the workplace provided them an opportunity to see first hand the multitude of careers in action. Counsellors were able to take this new information back to students, parents and colleagues.” says Ms. Robley. The Automotive Sector Council continued by raising awareness of the CARS Curriculum Connection learning activities. English, Math, Science, Technology and Career Management teachers can now incorporate workplace skills and job functions into their classroom designed to provide students with real-life education.


Junior and Senior High School teachers are working diligently to provide their students with workplace job shadowing, co-op placements and youth apprenticeship opportunities. Nova Scotia automotive industry employers are encouraged to contact their local schools and offer students to come and learn about automotive careers.

“With increasing out-migration of youth, competition from other trades, professions and the military, automotive employers must become active in developing the next generation of workers” says Ms. Robley.

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