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A Run to Remember!

Maritimer runs across Canada for a good cause

David McGuire was told he may never walk again, so he is running instead.

David sustained a brain injury in 2005, and although he was advised that he may never walk again, he started running . . . and completed his first marathon a year after his brain injury! David is running a marathon a day across Canada to raise awareness of brain injury - the event is called A Run to Remember. He began April 1st in St. John’s, NF, and will finish approximately seven months later in Victoria, BC. The name of the event is significant because memory problems are one of the major outcomes of brain injury, as it is for David.

David is working with BrainTrust Canada, a non-profit organization focussed on national brain injury prevention strategies. The net proceeds of the run will create a legacy fund to promote brain injury prevention and develop new support strategies for people living with brain injury in Canada. The website is where people can follow David’s journey, as well as support the cause, including “buying a km for $20”.

David visited has visited many schools already along the route and will continue to share his story with the students, including the important message of prevention. His goal is to inspire youth, as they are the highest risk for traumatic brain injury. An amazing 90% of brain injuries are preventable through simple changes in behaviour such as “wearing the gear” (i.e. helmets), “getting trained” and taking “smart risks” vs. foolish ones (i.e. checking how much water is there before you dive in, or not getting in the car with someone who has been drinking).

Sponsors for A Run to Remember include BDO Chartered Accountants and Advisors, Foot Solutions franchises, Rogers Communications, Honda Canada, Harmony Honda Kelowna, Canadian Ski Patrol System, supporting companies GPS City; Splash Design; Free Spirit Photography; Post Net Print & Media Group Kelowna, Pro Sign Kelowna, Vega Foods, Spenco Canada, BCAA, Fast Signs St. John’s’ and NGO partners Think First, Preventable and Smart Risk. Brain injury has been labeled an epidemic and is the greatest cause of death and disability under 45, surpassing cancer, heart disease, diabetes and all other causes. Over 170,000 Canadians incur brain injury each year - that’s 480 people per day, or one every 3 minutes . . . more than a Boeing 747 every day!


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