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Zoom Zoom Zoom: The Race Car as Metaphor

“The best racers are the ones that live,” says veteran super speaker Anthony Robbins in yet another one of his slightly over-the-top presentations. 

You’re bound to end up in a spin one day. The question becomes, “how do you come out of that spin?” Robbins says it’s important to focus on where you want to go, not on what you’re afraid of. We unconsciously steer where we’re focusing, so if we’re focused on the wall, we’re guaranteed to hit it, he says. In order to avoid this, we have to decide what we want to focus on, decide what it means to us and commit to what we want to do about it.  There’s no question that the race car is a great metaphor for life, and it’s in that spirit that we bring you the latest edition of Auto Atlantic, which of course, coincides with a great maritime summer tradition: racing. Racing is big news in the Atlantic provinces and this year’s no different. 

Veteran contributor Terry Waterfield kicks off this issue’s theme with a killer overview of what this season has to offer, including the return of Moncton’s Petty International Speedway, back after a decade-long absence. With new races and new events buoyed by the same old thrills, there’s something here for everyone this season.  A bit of a treat is another Waterfield article called “Ballad of a Dancing Flag Man,” which continues the theme of our racing metaphor. When that black and white chequered flag comes down, it only means one thing, and Art Steeves has waved a lot of flags during a storied career.  His passion for racing is only outdone by his talent on the track.   

You will notice another step in the evolution of our magazine too, as we continue broadening our reach to include the trucking sector and its myriad of services, associations and issues that are core to its existence.

Some of these issues, like the one offered by the anonymous trucker who laments the current state of New Brunswick’s industry, which he clearly feels both passionate about and victimized by. It’s hard not to be touched by his impassioned plea for the little guy, forced not only to deal with constantly increasing diesel fuel costs, but sub standard driving conditions as well.

But it’s not just the “little guy” that has to deal with these issues as well. This issue sees the emergence of an even darker horse with the gradually increased visibility of women behind the wheel.  Little by little, the fairer sex is making inroads into what’s been a sector traditionally dominated by men. But as our writer states, the wheel doesn’t know if the hands guiding it are male or female, so the profession is really one that’s supposed to be gender-neutral.  Time will tell as more women take the wheel.

The emergence of women truckers as viable, competent employees also suggests changes that employers need to make, as the workplace and the trucking industry as a whole, continues to grow and thrive. 

One of these is a new “Employer of Choice” model recently introduced, that establishes benchmarks trucking employers should be aware of. It sets a standard and informs employees that not only do they matter, but they are part of the process as well.  

It all brings it back home to the question posed earlier in this article:  Are you focused on where you want to go? Whether you’re a trucker considering the future, or a race car driver living in the velocity of the moment, one thing’s for sure: We’ve got your back.  

Much, much more in the print addition of Auto Atlantic.
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