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Industry reacts to MVI changes

Concerned Automotive Industry Motor Vehicle Inspection Stations in Nova Scotia are preparing a recommendation to Service N.S. and Municipal Relations to reverse a decision made by that department a year ago.

Darrell and Mildred Hebb.

The group of automotive service and repair business owners are headed by Darrell and Mildred Hebb, Hebb’s Auto Service Ltd. Kempt Rd in Halifax, a well known and respected automotive service and repair business.

The issue relates to the fact that the previous government without notice unilaterally changed the motor vehicle inspection period from one-year to two-years without apparent consultation from the industry.

Considering the average age of vehicles in Nova Scotia is over eight years and rising, it is very concerning to the industry that many motorists may not understand the serious safety consequences associated with driving older vehicles two full years without an inspection. There are those who feel new vehicles should not have the same inspection requirement as older vehicles, however there has always been issues of recalls, faults, damages and defects that negatively affect safety of new vehicles which would not be noticed until an inspection takes place. Currently, the Toyota recall is a perfect example of this point.

The Retail Gasoline Dealers Association (RGDA) supports this industry group and has written to Minister Bill Estabrooks requesting a return to annual inspections and the reasons justifying this position. The letter can be viewed on the RGDA website

Interested business owners wishing to show support for this initiative should contact Mildred Hebb at (902) 455-4322 or email

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