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It Ain’t What It Used To Be

Ed Macdonald gives Readers an update on the Recycling industry

Welcome back to “The Recyclers Corner.” Since the last feature there has been an amazing amount of activity going on in our industry.

The University of Windsor is working very closely with the recycling industry and especially ARC to assess the End of Life Vehicle Recycling Process. Simply put, the study is investigating methods to study and quantify the efficiencies of dismantling and shredding systems in terms of parts and materials recovery, particularly during dismantling. Not only is this research going to identify the present process utilized by recyclers, it is hoped that even more of the automobile can be recycled or restreamed into other products and recoverable material. At present, as a result of our vastly improved recycling methods, we are one of the most efficient product recyclers, but that does not mean that we should stop there. The more we recycle the more green and environmentally responsible we become.

Attention Recyclers: the Auditors are Coming

Audits have begun across Canada for Retire Your Ride Code Of Practice. Retire Your Ride, the federally funded program to retire vehicles in the 1995 and older, is in its final year of operation. All automotive recycling participants agreed to abide to the established Code of Practice and that ARC would engage, with the concurrence of Summerhill Impact and the Federal Environment Department, a necessary number of professional auditors to view and assess recycling facilities to ensure that the established standards are met.


In the very near future Patrick McMahon, the Atlantic auditor for the Automotive Recyclers of Canada, will be calling to make an appointment for your complimentary audit. The review takes about two hours, and at the end of it you will receive your audit score and any pollution prevention recommendations or requirements. You will know whether you have received a pass, conditional pass, conditional failure or failure. A conditional failure means you will be temporarily removed from the RYR program until you meet certain conditions, while an outright failure means that you are no longer eligible for the RYR programs. With over 30 audits to complete, McMahon is targeting to be done by the late summer.

For those who attended the in person training, there should be no surprises. For those who have not attended training, but have been following the code documents, again, there should be no surprises.

We are pleased to let you know that the online training is now available through the Recycler Portal - sparc. Your call centre will have the usernames and passwords needs to log-on. You can have any number of employees go through the online training. This is not pass/fail training, it is training to understand the code and its requirements.

The code is the Automotive Recyclers of Canada opportunity to document what you do as auto recyclers every day. All of the auditors have been trained to the code and in the industry. The purpose is not to get as many recyclers off of RYR, but to help them understand and move closer to their compliance obligations. The auditors won’t tell you how to run your business, but are there to help you understand the law, best practices, and different ways to get to the same end - running a profitable, clean, safe business.


Hot Off The Press!

Members of the Automotive Recyclers of Canada will once again enjoy the benefits of membership. In a recent announcement, Ford Motor Company has established an agreement to fund the retirement of vehicles 2003 and older and has chosen the members of ARC as the stewards of the program. This is great news for the environment as higher polluting vehicles will be retired from the road and ARC members will be the recipients of these vehicles. All the standards, as established by the Retire Your Ride program, will be in place and the audit program will continue to monitor the results

Australia Takes A Bite Out of Automobile Theft

The New SouthWales Government of Australia will introduce legislation to ban the re-registration of all “repairable writtenoff” vehicles to clamp down on car rebirthing, states Minister for Transport and Roads, David Campbell.

Campbell says the legislation will mean that write-offs will no longer be able to be sold at auctions, where the vehicles can then be re-birthed and on-sold to unsuspecting consumers.

“There is a black market for purchasing written-off vehicles at auctions, then using stolen parts to rebirth and register the car,
to be sold for a tidy profit,” he says. “More importantly, many of these vehicles have had dodgy repairs which can mask major structural damage. It’s extremely unsafe.

Car re-birthing is a significant problem which has been known to have links to organized crime syndicates. The Minister’s announcement will put a massive dent in these illegal operations.

“[This] announcement means any car which is written off will not be able to be reregistered even if it can be repaired,” he claims. The NSW Government made the decision to ban repairable write-offs after a discussion paper was released for consultation in August 2009.

“What we found was that consumers, as well as, legitimate car dealers and repairers wanted better protections in place,” he says. “NSW is the first state to introduce this ban on repairable writeoffs, and we would encourage other states to follow our lead and implement similar laws.”

The new laws will be implemented following stringent legislative change and will take effect in August this year.

Please Save the Date

The Automotive Recyclers of Canada is hosting the world in Quebec City on September 19-20. More details to follow.

Plus, don’t forget the ARAAC meeting scheduled for June 26, 2010 in Halifax.

Ed goes to Washington

The ARA, Automotive Recyclers Association, based out of Washington D.C. has unanimously approved the appointment of myself to their executive.

Do they not realize what havoc a Cape Bretoner can bring to an organization? In closing, I wish to add a few comments attributed to D.J Harrington, a very popular speaker at recycler trade shows:

“Whatever you think about,will come about.” “If you are always working in your business and not on your business, you will soon be out of business.”

“People do not care how much you know, they want to know how much you care.”

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