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Why training so matters!

There has been so much talk of financial doom and gloom in recent months that it is small wonder that many small business owners have understandably been caught up in the fear and uncertainty of the economic times in which we find ourselves.

Rob Alfers, Publisher, Auto Atlantic Magazine

The unprecedented bad news in much of the North American automotive manufacturing industry is surely devastating to those people and businesses affected. The industry has no choice but to undertake dramatic re-structuring in its struggle to return to economic viability.

There are however, some indications that the worst may be behind us and that better days are ahead for those businesses that prepare for them.

The worse thing we could do is to allow ourselves to remain caught up in all this negativity and forget that this industry will definitely survive and prosper one day soon. The choice for small automotive aftermarket business owners is clear – we can either panic and throw up our hands in despair, or we prepare now to seize the opportunities that will surely propel us back to even better economic prosperity.

I am well aware that some automotive business owners have been reluctant to invest in skills upgrading for their employees. They use the excuse that when the economy was good, staff turnover was high so “why train staff to go elsewhere”. Now that the economy has been faltering a bit, “we can’t justify the expense of training”. Successful business owners/managers do not follow this line of negative thinking. They realize that managerial training for themselves and skills upgrading training for employees is one of the best investments they can make.

Learning and loving it!

To the employee, training indicates that you are willing to make an investment in them and the future success of your business. With regular employee training, your bottom line will definitely benefit. Customers will be better served by capable and confident employees motivated to perform as dedicated members of a vibrant and profitable business.

There are always good training opportunities out there through parts suppliers and wholesalers and in this issue of Auto Atlantic, we salute the good work being done at the Nova Scotia Community College Automotive Training Department and the internationally acclaimed Automotive Business Management Training Courses conducted by Robert Greenwood, AAM, President of The Automotive Aftermarket E-Learning Centre Ltd.

Dale H Mader
Managing Editor

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