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Letter from the Editor

The rubber hits the road!

In early November, the BBC reported on the saga of Cha sa Soon, a South Korean woman who finally passed the written exam for her driving licence after a whopping 950 attempts.

Rob Alfers, Publisher, Auto Atlantic Magazine

With four years of daily effort behind her, the 68-year-old grandmother, who wanted the licence so she could sell vegetables, could now proceed to the practical test to get on the road.

I love stories like this. They celebrate the human spirit and speak to the remarkable resilience we as human beings have often utilized in order to survive. Through its economic peaks and valleys, the automotive industry has demonstrated tremendous resilience in recent months as well. Automotive owners are surely used to shake ups by now.

Or are they? As Richard Pelley states in this issue’s feature on safety in the workplace, business owners have two options: they can either take an unmanaged approach to change or they can proactively manage the safety component and see it as an investment in the business, themselves and the people they work with. The choice is pretty plain as the action model in this feature makes implicit.

Change is also breezing through Auto Atlantic itself, as veteran editor and long-time friend of the Atlantic auto industry Dale H. Mader (left) bids adieu to all that and finally settles down to a brilliant retirement. Throughout his years with the magazine Dale developed a reputation for the razor-sharp insights that flowed freely from his pen, as well as his sense of humour, his often tough stance on subjects he understood as irrelevant to the industry and a deep abiding respect for the written word. A mentor to many and a busy participant in many facets of community life, Dale shows no signs of slowing down.

Good gardeners and good editors share a passion for exactitude, detail and are invisible cultivators who often go unappreciated. They are the silent workers behind the scenes who make everything else around them look good. Both are subtle jobs. Dale is an expert at both. With his passion for community involvement, Dale will continue to be a vital force for years to come. He was much loved around here and his memory shall resonate long after his departure. As the old saying goes, I have big shoes to fill and I can only hope to do some justice as his successor.

I’d like to thank Rob Alfers for offering me the opportunity of this road test. Something tells me I won’t be allowed 950 attempts to pass, though.

Carter Hammett

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