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Consider a career in automotive customer services

The auto industry has seen significant growth and changes in recent years and become a highly competitive, customer-driven market flooded with lots of consumer choice possibilities.

Bob Greenwood

Providing excellent customer service is the name of the game. It’s become essential for those working directly with consumers to ensure a high level of satisfaction at your business. It’s as important to retain customers as it is to obtain them due to the diverse range of service providers available elsewhere.

This approach to customer service should be taken seriously when recruiting front line personnel. Industry management relies heavily on formal training to guarantee their customers receive service second-to-none. If a customer does not feel they have been treated with the utmost importance, they will shop around until they find a place where they feel their needs are met.

Where do service consultants come from? Since the days of service “advisers” we have evolved to the point where we act as consultants and make the customer into a client. The customer-to-client model is an approach that Saturn introduced years ago with weekend picnics and events, vacations and other client-building strategies designed to recruit that client “into the family.”

The service advisor is more than a “order taker” but a client service personal that makes sure things run smoothly.

Service advisors (also referred to as “service consultants”) work with customers to schedule service work and provide additional services as required. They also handle the administrative and customer relations aspects of the service department and operations.

A service consultant’s main job is to interpret customer concerns and comments for the technician, so that the problem will be correctly diagnosed. The advisor then translates the technician’s findings, which may be very complex, into language the customer will understand. As with all positions within dealerships, independent garages and repair facilities, service advisors are expected to uphold the highest ethical standards. With the right amount of experience, service advisors may advance to managerial positions, such as service manager and service director.

Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) is now offering a 20-week service consultant training program. This course includes all the necessary steps in developing skills that service departments require today, and is bolstered by direct input from industry professionals and education facilities currently offering similar programs out west. The course is also designed to prepare students for a career in the automotive, truck or collision sectors. Students ready for an exciting and challenging career in a high demand, fast-paced environment should start here.

If you wish to register for the Spring 2010 program or require further information, contact NSCC’s Annette Cooper or Dave Giles at 902 430 2951.

Dave Giles is a technical trainer with Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) and facilitates high tech training sessions for technicians throughout Atlantic Canada. To find out more about a technical training session in your area please contact Dave at NSCC directly at 902-430 2951, or Email him here

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