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Retire your ride Is alive and well in Atlantic Canada! In November, over 40 recyclers converged in Truro, Nova Scotia to learn about our Canadian Code of Practice and understand their roles and responsibilities required under these standards.

Ed (Fast Eddie) MacDonald with ARC Angel graciously accepting the prize in Lexington.

What an informative session it was! Lots of ideas, discussion and opportunities to share happenings in other parts of Canada were the order of the day. Suffice it to say both trainers and trained walked away with a deeper understanding of the issues at hand.

Well over 60,000 vehicles have been retired since the program’s inception, and it looks like it is well on its way to a resounding success. Governments of all levels have taken an unprecedented and keen look at our industry. This is not an economic stimulus program but a program to engage Canadians in understanding the environmental effects of older vehicles.
Recyclers wishing to obtain vehicles under this program are required to be trained and adhere to the standards in the National Code of Practice created for Environment Canada by the Automotive Recyclers of Canada (ARC).

Once the recycler has completed this training there will be individual site inspections and suggestions to assist the recycler in adhering to the established standards set out in the Code. The Code was established to ensure that recyclers have the most current, relevant information and tools to prevent hazardous materials contained in vehicles from contaminating our water, land, and air during the recycling process.

The Quebec association (ARPAC) introduced and unanimously approved a motion to ensure the proper stewardship of the Toyota Tacomas being received by recyclers through the ARC program from Toyota Canada. This ensures that the spirit of the agreement with Toyota Canada is adhered to. There has been some concern that complete vehicles have been sold by recyclers and it is expected that the other associations across Canada will follow suit to ensure that parts only are sold off of vehicles we obtain from ARC programs.

NEWS FLASH! Quebec is being invaded!
From September 19 to 21, 2010, The Canadian Automotive Recycling Industry will host the world in Quebec City. ARC has accepted the challenge to host the International Round Table on Automotive Recycling. We will be premiering initiatives from representatives from all over the world and advancing our knowledge of automotive recycling from their respective countries. This premiere event will occur immediately following the Quebec provincial association meetings in September.

The recycling industry speaks to the world
How well-received are we worldwide? Well, we have just been advised that our very own Steve Fletcher, managing director of ARC, ARAAC and OARA has been selected as the guest speaker at the 10th annual International Recycling congress in Bazel, Switzerland. He will speak on a variety of national vehicle recycling initiatives and explore how Canada is nurturing and growing its domestic automotive infrastructure, knowledge and expertise to create a unique “made in Canada” solution.

We have a winner!
At the recent Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) meeting in Lexington Kentucky, the valiant steed Canadian Arc Angel, came home with second prize at a race that took place during the event. This wonderful animal, a cross between a Cape Breton Pit Pony and a wild Sable Island horse, pitted itself against some of the world’s finest thoroughbreds. Although our fine horse kept losing her shoes, she soundly defeated many of the thoroughbreds at Clunker Downs. Following the race, Arc Angel celebrated her success with a feed of Tim Horton’s and donairs. As her jockey was overheard as saying, “Aye, laddie but it was a wonderful day for Canada! Would you be hav’n a drink?”


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