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Nova Scotia Automotive Sector Council update

The NS Automotive Sector Council, has been contracted by the NS Apprenticeship Board, to work with industry to determine if the Transmission Technician trade (currently a sub-trade of Auto Service Technician), is still relevant, and will meet the future demands of this sector.

Corrie Robley
Transmission trade designation

With ‘sub-trades’ under review, Transmission Service providers have an opportunity to keep to ‘status-quo,’ or designate it an independent trade with opportunity for industry-driven training.

The Council completed regional consultations with employers in October and is currently developing a survey that will be distributed to all Transmission specialty shops, Dealerships and Service and Repair facilities in November 2008. I strongly encourage business owners and managers to look for this survey in the mail, complete it and fax it in. Your voice will have a direct impact on the recommendation put forth to the Apprenticeship Board.

Automotive Sector Council presents to Nova Scotia high school career counsellors

The Council has been working diligently to raise the profile of the automotive industry within Nova Scotia High Schools. In September, the Council was invited to make a brief presentation to over 100 co-op teachers and guidance counsellors. The day was spent in workshops and networking, proving to be a significant investment of time. “We are now working with a number of High Schools developing automotive career exploration days. These events provide interested students with an opportunity to ‘try-out’ automotive service, collision repair, parts management and service writing.” says Rui Martins, Canadian Tire Clayton Park (Chair, NS Automotive Sector Council). A further report on the Council’s “automotive career exploration initiative” will be covered in the next issue of Auto Atlantic.


International Technicians fill skills Shortage

An increasing number of employers are realizing the benefits of looking south and overseas for international technicians to help fill the void of highly skilled automotive technicians and managers. The Sector Council offers services to help employers recruit and hire international workers. “The Council really took care of everything, they dealt directly with the Apprenticeship people and kept us in the loop with developments. This is a very busy place and we really couldn’t have done this recruitment process on our own,” said Gordon MacKenzie, Service Manager, Hillcrest Volkswagon. For those interested in learning more about the benefits of international recruitment, contact Rui Martins, General Manager - Canadian Tire Clayton Park and Chair, NS Automotive Sector Council at (902) 464-0168.

Jeremy Allen

Congratulations extended to 93 new automotive journeypersons

The 2008 Fall Apprenticeship Celebration Event was held recently. Among 61 trades, the Automotive industry had the largest number of apprentices achieve Journeyperson status this past year, including 87 Automotive Service Technicians and 6 Auto Body (MVR) technicians. Jeremy Allen, a new AST certified technician and winner of the Nova Scotia Gold Skills competition and Silver for the national skills competition, and Kathy Lance (Winner of the Apprentice Award of Excellence) proudly represented the trade as key-note speakers. On behalf of the Automotive Human Resource Sector Council Board of Directors, I was pleased to attend this event and congratulate all of the technicians who worked so hard to achieve Journeyperson status and become new industry mentors.

CARS / NS Sector Council Labour Market Study
Coming Soon

The Canadian Automotive Repair and Service Council, in partnership with the Nova Scotia Automotive Sector Council, are teaming up to hear from industry to update the Industry’s regional labour market forecast. Labour market information is essential to understanding employer’s priority issues and future staffing needs. Consultations will be held with regional focus groups and the survey is expected to be completed by March 2009.

About the Nova Scotia Automotive Sector Council

The NS Automotive Sector Council is the only industry-driven, not-for-profit organization working for Nova Scotia automotive employers. The Council focuses on addressing priority human resource issues, developing the provincial workforce and supporting automotive employers with their staffing needs. The Sector Council recognizes and appreciates the financial commitment from the Retail Gasoline Dealers Association of Nova Scotia, the Collision Repair Association of Nova Scotia, and the Automotive Trades Association of Nova Scotia, while the Council waits for its 2009 federal government contract. For more info about the Council’s services and programs, visit: or contact the Council in Datmouth at (902) 464-0168, or 1-877-860-3805. Email:

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