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Spotlight on Lowmotion

Look around you. Chances are very likely you can see an imported car just about anywhere you go these days. Let's face it, with their high efficiency in mileage, horsepower and speed and typically in a smaller, four cylinder engine, it means that the once dreaded imported car has become the accepted norm.

Jay Lerue

But, you also don't have to look too far to see these cars with added external features like ground effects, flashy paint schemes, carbon fibre hoods, added moldings and low riding rims, etc. That's because there is a very large and vital market for "tricking out," or "pimping," these cars to give them a newer, cooler image.

But while this is a popular thing for perhaps some of the younger crowds with import cars to do, there is a car club called, "Lowmotion," that focuses is on tricking out their cars where it counts the most. Under the hood.

To expand on this subject, I consulted with Lowmotion's Treasurer, Chris Clarke, a veteran member of the club. Says Chris, "Lowmotion is exclusively Atlantic Canadian. We are Atlantic Canada's largest import community," he says. "I've been here for six years now, but the club got started around 1999." He adds "our goal, or mission statement, is to promote awareness for safe, mature driving. We might drive fast cars, but just because we have the power under the hood doesn't mean we abuse it on the streets. "Our website, ( is a wealth of information for the import community. Plus, members can go on there and upload their own images, etc for other members to see."
As for membership, a new member to the club will pay $30.00 and renewing members pay $25.00. "What that fee gets you are your LowMotion decals, your T-shirt and special rates into car shows, hotel accommodations etc," says Chris. But, a simple payment to the club does not guarantee membership admittance. "There is, for lack of a better term, a sort of interview process for new members. We talk to the person and see if they support our vision and our beliefs. The big thing in this club is no street racing," he adds. "That's not going to jive with everyone, but it's a huge part of our focus and our belief system."

Although the club has been around since 1999, it was only about a year ago that the club took on this sort of political swing. "Our club started out for members with a common interest in imported cars," says Chris. "But last year, we coincided our message with the RCMP and their safe driving week campaign. We feel that we have a responsibility to ourselves and to society. The attitude here is that just because we drive modified cars, which are capable of immense speed and power, it doesn't mean that we have the right to endanger ourselves or other members of the public".

"I can't stress it enough," says Chris. "We can't and will not tolerate street racing in this club. We are very self-regulatory in this matter, too. If members are going to sport our decals and wear our T-shirts, they have to adhere to our beliefs and code of ethics."

Chris says that during a given Spring and Summer, the club frequently visits the Atlantic Motorsport Park, located in Shubenacadie NS. "We go there and we do our racing. They have a strict entrance qualification there, too. You don't just go and race. You have to pass a mechanical and technical inspection before you're admitted to the track. They are strict and that's what appeals to us about them," he adds.

But, the club also frequents race tracks in PEI, Miramichi in New Brunswick and even Greenfield's track near Liverpool NS. "It's a lot of fun and we take great pride in knowing that we are making a difference on the streets," says Chris.

Now that the fall and winter has arrived, the club goes into a "slow down" stage, where they will prepare for an event called the Radical Speed Sport, to be held in Moncton NB, in the Spring of '08. "We'll have 10 or 12 cars in there from our elite members," says Chris. These guys own our show cars. "It's going to be great and we can't wait for the big event!"

Anyone looking for membership information is asked to contact Chris via email at

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